I have lived and traveled to the following places. Thank you sooOo much to good souls who have helped me travel this far:


And because this is my country, I’ve lived here most of my life. I travelled to different provinces in this country including as far south as Tawi Tawi and north Ilocos Norte.

Tawi tawi, Philippines

I don’t just click and run… If possible, I try to live in a place for at least 6 months… I did that in Makati, Bohol, Antique, Tagaytay, and well, where I grew up which is, Laguna. Read my stories about the Philippines.

grasya in bohol
Currently, I’m planning on moving to Palawan.. I’m really looking forward to have this dream fulfilled.



I lived in that beautiful country for more than year last 2010.. and I was able to grasp a bit of their culture and language. I came back for 2 months last 2013, then 2015 with mom, then 2017. Main agenda: Eat phad thai, KFC (kay fried chicken), and unlimited yummy sushi. Read my stories about Thailand.

beautiful Thailand


I lived in India for 7 months.. It’s a vast country, very big, it can be a continent of its own. From sand dunes, to snow, to Hindu wedding celebrations, to spending Christmas with a Christian family in a traditional dress, to meeting a friend whom I haven’t seen in years.. India is one of the greatest chapters in my book of life. Read my stories about India.

christmas in India

Countries where I never had a chance to fully soak on the culture but spent wonderful days still. I would love to go back again <3

Nepal: 2 months
Myanmar: 11 days
Vietnam: 11 days last 2008 + 7 days last 2013 + 5 days in 2017
Indonesia: 13 days
Hong Kong and Macau: 4 days + 6 days last 2015
Malaysia: 6 days + 14 days last 2014 + 14 days in 2017
Cambodia: 4 days
Singapore: 3 days
Laos: 15 days


If you are a charity or an NGO that needs my help. Please email me so I can visit you in your province or country and showcase you in my blog. YOu will also help me travel with a purpose.

And I am on a quest to travel the world

What are my plans? Read here for details:

These people are conspiring to help me achieve my goals. Can you help me achieve them too? ^_^


Vera Wihan – Austria
Patrice Eastwood – Ireland
Liza Fry – Manchester, England
Nicole Schulze – Germany
Italy – Focolare

Lionel Amaarakoon – Sri Lanka
Frederick Gaghuana – Indonesia

Anfernee Chansamooth – Sydney

2 thoughts on “Travels

  1. Hey there! Stumbled upon your sit while researching about vso. your life is inspiring….Im contemplating on volunteering in the near future, I’m just tying up loose ends which will take me a few more years….so for now, I’ll just have to make do by reading other people’s (including yours) adventures and fulfillment….keep it up grasya!

    1. I believe the universe conspires to achieve dreams as long as they have a great purpose ^_^.. it was hard for me too considering I’m not from a rich country but I have support and network who believes in my crazyness :))… all the best Frances, hope to see you on the road less traveled

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