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Do you want to travel but afraid to do so? Are you tired doing that 9-5 routine? Are you on a gap year and want to spend this time in a meaningful way? Are you in the verge of breaking down from your daily routine and want something new?

cross roads

Been there. Done that.


Let me help you start your own travel adventure or/and lifestyle redesign.. I’m not telling you to quit your work, or venture in the unknown without money.. although I did that too ;D

But you don’t have to go thru the misadventures I had, coz I’m the only one who can whip that ^_^.. i think!

Life is short, we don’t have to go our whole lives complaining and whining that we have money yet we feel empty. Or we are creatively and spiritually fulfilled, yet we’re broke. It’s finding the right balance.. Because life is short.

life is short


Did I made sense? Yeah? Good. So I’m here to guide you at least remotely on how to travel to Asia specially to the countries I have been already. So you don’t have to worry if you are lost/ripped off/hungry.. I will guide you until you get back safe ^_^.. unless you’re hardheaded and collect misadventures of your own ;D

I also have a network of lifestyle and travel experts that can extend assistance if you need it. Feel free to email me at grasya(at)grasya(dot)com and send me a details of your wish.

Best of all, its for FREE! But if you feel generous, you can pay what you can ;D.. how’s that?

grasya in bagan

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