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I engage with software application and website management, planning, deployment, maintenance, testing and debugging, training, documentation and promotion but not necessarily the whole development process.

Feel free to contact me at webmaster at grasya dot com for database development, IT services and consultation. Funds from these projects will be for her next volunteer journey. Thank you



I have 2 passion projects this year. These social enterprises have great potential so I devoted huge amounts of time with minimum startup budget, hoping in the end, it will generate a good profit and help communities at the same time.


ubud cycling logo


Need help with your groceries? Need a temporary baby sitter? Need professional landscape artist for your garden? Here’s the site to delegate some of your errands:

errand to go


2 month short term hostel website management project

jazz hostel


Language tutors and translation services site. This project is in zygote stage.


2013-present. These babies are in the crawling stage of development. aims to inspire giving and receiving items and/or services freely in an effort to promote a sense of generosity in the individual and communities where ever they are in the world. is a mystery shopping site and job board.


2012. If you need database systems for your company, feel free to let me know so I can endorse you to my client. I’ll then have commission fees at no cost to you.

2012 – present. The founder of the site is my mentor, and we trade talents

2008- 2011 . These are my past projects

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