International Contributions

1. Featured in the book Working on the Road by Nora Dunn

Working on the Road
2. Current Ambassador for Trampolinn, a home exchange platform

3. Grasya was a contributor in the Travel Blogging Calendar
4. Grasya is a newbie fairy at Uyahtal Empowerment
5. Grasya was featured at Generous Nomads



1. Grasya was featured at Asia Pacific Forum for Women, Law and Development
2. Grasya was mentioned in Gender and citizenship in Information Society website
3. Grasya was in City-Now, Thai lifestyle magazine



0. Grasya was featured at GMA 24 Oras News
1. Grasya was mentioned in the Philippine Daily Inquirer
2. Grasya was featured in the VSO Annual Report
3. Grasya was featured in the Accenture website
4. Grasya was a Finalist for the Lifestyle Category – Philippine Blog Awards 2011
5. Grasya featured Iloilo at Tiger Tales, a magazine for Tiger Airways
6. Grasya was featured at Rappler
7. Grasya featured Bohol in Cebu Pacific Smile Magazine
8. Grasya is a Smart Pay It Forward recipient for her community projects


Work with grasya.com

1. You can partner up with grasya.com if you need quality and quantitative feedback from mystery shoppers/guests signing in thru http://detectivespy.org/ and https://www.albatrossonline.com/

2. You can also promote your hotels and other establishments online via contests which this site can promote in your behalf as a partner social media promoter. Example:


3. Here are more ways to support Grasya: http://grasya.com/projects/

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Major Sponsors and Clients 2016

I didn’t get to travel out of the country last 2016 because I want to make sure some projects are stable first. Thank you to clients and sponsors who sticked with me during this incubation period.

1. Albatross Global Solutions – I had a proper job as a country coordinator with nationwide projects auditing high end clients. It was fun indeed, makes me travel the malls with a purpose.

2. Valen Dawson of This Way to Paradise – this fairy is giving me short term gigs that sometimes paid more than my job as a country coordinator. ^_^ I hope to meet this fairy once i set that long term journey.

3. DH Gate is a long time website sponsor since 2013.. Hope to meet this client once I get to travel in China

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