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Philippines and Thailand: Same same but still different

I blogged about this a few months before. But now that im a Filipino living in Thailand for quite sometime now, all I can say about the difference of Thailand and Philippines are: 1. Thailand is a Buddhist country, thus lots of temples or wats as they call it. In Pinas, since majority are christians, […]

Thailand street food

Glorious food! You can interview anyone in thailand and most people will say that it is better and cheaper to buy food outside than to cook your own. And well, since I dont have a proper kitchen, i do think its better to eat outside :D.. besides, they are all so delicious! I should have […]

International Women’s Day in Thailand

IWD is an international event celebrated by women around the world. In Thailand, specifically in Chiang Mai where Im based, women NGOs marched from Navarat bridge to Thapae gate to show solidarity and raise awareness that women still have a long way to go to reach that equality to men in many different aspects (ex, […]

10 Travel and Life Quotes

So for more than a month, I didn’t travel. And it feels good. To be honest, I felt like my travel goals are shifting and from my previous long term travel experience, I’m seriously thinking of not traveling anymore.   Travel and Life Quote #1:   But maybe this is just a phase, we’ll see. […]

Back to the Philippines. Long term trip experiences shared

It took me weeks to update the content of this website… because i want to show the beautiful side of life in a way that no one will get jealous if I show pretty pics, or at least no one will borrow money. But after reading this, and you still feel envy, contact me and […]

A guide to buffets in Metro Manila

Whenever I go to Metro Manila, I always look forward to do food trips. Let’s admit it, despite the abundant food in the province, there’s not enough choices of food dishes to eat. That’s why I urge people from the province to travel too, so their creativity be nudge a bit and invent more dishes […]

What to do next? My dream travel itinerary

Do you know the feeling of wanting to have a holiday but due to grown up responsibilities, it is not yet possible at the moment? I know most people are in that stage.. coz that includes me too. But that does not hinder us from planning on that great escape right? While I hustle on […]

Dream Travel Destination – Africa

Usually people dream of traveling to the north, like Europe, USA, Australia, any posh capitalist country that has a high economic index. So I’m gonna dream of traveling to another continent instead – Africa. Africa is not a country, it’s a huge continent with several countries. I have met people who went there as volunteers […]

Move to Paradise – a must read for city dwellers

I have lived in different far flung rural areas in the Palawan, Bohol, Antique, Laguna in the Philippines. Aside from that I also lived 5 months in rural Kolkata in India, and a few weeks in Bhakatapur and Heutuda in Nepal, and a few days in far flung rural Laos. I don’t just travel and […]

10 Practical Holiday Gifts for Travelers

For those looking on what to give this holiday season to travelers, here’s stuff that I found necessary while traveling. I have used some of them and can highly recommend them as gifts to fellow travelers. Check them out, and if you find a stuff that you need, feel free to send this link to […]

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