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10 things you need to bring for long term travels

When I lived and traveled in India for 7 months, I only had 1 big luggage bag and a backpack. Half of the bag was food because I know it will take some time adjusting to the spicy food of the country. Same thing happened when I lived and traveled in Thailand. But then when […]

Project Updates and plotting my escape plan

I never learn. After encountering all possible mishaps on the road, here I am plotting my next escape plan. Hopefully this time, while I’m traveling, no one will rob our house already. I’ve been working with my community on their self sustainable livelihood so we can decrease the number of hungry people in the area.. […]

Travel has taught me how to love

** I wrote this on a Valentines day last Feb 14, 2013.. it still applies to this day, with the addition of a few countries and places ;D.. enjoy reading! — let my words flow playfully inside my soul let the melody of a song invite me to compose this poem let the sweet wind […]

The art of creative gardening

I love how people from urban areas are coping up with the busy lifestyle yet finding ways to still maintain a garden… I used to be a busy urban lady who only goes home to sleep.. I tried to take care of a few cactus but alas – they didn’t lived longer.. don’t blame me […]

Young Asian Farmers who Travel

Once, I met a German girl who visited Bohol, Philippines with her boyfriend. I asked her what she does for a living, and she said, she milk cows… Wow… that’s what she do and yet she can still travel around. Well, times are changing too in Asia.. Farmers that were once contented sleeping in their […]

Long Preparation for a Long Term Travel

As much as I’m enjoying my roots and having my regular travels to different family houses in different islands of the Philippines, the travel itch to discover other places and meet new people has begun. Oh no. I know. I still crave for comfort and fancy living.. and loved my routine of traveling to the […]

Frugal Tips Series on the Road #7

This pretty girl does not really have a frugal tip because she travels for free… Why? Because she works in a ship and travel is part of her work, isn’t it great? ^_^ You might be thinking of work where she sails around the Baltic seas, explore islands off the UK’s coasts, or gaze at […]

Looking back so I can move forward

This is like the touch base of my life. I’d like to know where I’ve been so far this year so I can traverse where I am going next. More than half of this year has passed. I felt like going in circles and passing thru the same travel routine of going from one family […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #17 – Interview with Shirine Taylor

While I pat myself on the back for surviving Nepal at $10/day, and Malaysia at $15/day, I can’t believe someone is actually traveling at $5/day.. This young lady has got me impressed! And guess what, she is from the West! ^_^ Read more about Shirine’s travel lifestyle: Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc […]

Gifts of the Road part 2

I am remembering all the small act of kindness that was done by people whom I barely knew yet cared for me so much. Over the past few years, I have received numerous gifts while traveling with an alternative lifestyle, and this makes my heart glow until now. You can read part 1 of the […]

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