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This Grasya will meet Jim Paredes

It all started with an email… I guess Jim felt the passion of Christ in my heart pouring out like a flowing river: Hi Jim, Im Grasya of http://www.grasya.com. I was once in Calcutta India and bought a Mother Theresa painting which Im auctioning now so I can donate to victims of calamity. I was […]

Cafe Etcetera in Panglao, Bohol

UPDATE: My shop is temporarily closed. I will open another shop once I get to be more settled in a place.. For now, I’m still enjoying traveling and have not settled on where to put my roots yet ;)… will keep you updated Located at Patricia Plaza, near Panglao Poblacion Bus station. Cafe Etcetera is […]

I am evolving

My previous lives has been different rebirths where I had different roles in different places. So to achieve my balance, I feel like I need to be in a limbo. Every chapter of my life, although different are equally meaningful. I’m thankful for not being mediocre.. although if you see me in person, the wallflower […]


I have lived and traveled to the following places. Thank you sooOo much to good souls who have helped me travel this far: Philippines And because this is my country, I’ve lived here most of my life. I travelled to different provinces in this country including as far as Tawi Tawi and Ilocos Norte. I […]

International Volunteers Day

While people celebrate the King’s bday today in Thailand.. i celebrate for another reason.. it’s our day today! I mean the volunteers around the world, toiling out for the sake of equality among men. And so I chose to blog about this by putting in my random favorite links about what its like to be […]

Miss Eat

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Miss Fortune

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