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My great couchsurfing experiences

I was in Malaysia a couple of months ago for only a few days just to go around… yes I spent carbon footprints on nonsense splurge sorry! But I caaaant take it anymore you know, I’ve been way so nice, I deserve to contribute to the destruction of Mother Nature sometimes xD… gosh suddenly my […]

Travel Blog Calendar

Thank you to all who have spared 2 seconds of their dear life to vote for their favorite charity. Voting has ended and the chosen charity is Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan. I was once a VSO Volunteer in the Thai Burma border and Kolkata, India and it was because of this I got awesome […]

Travel to the middle of 3 countries for 1000 pesos only

Actually, at the current exchange rate.. 750 Thai Baht is equivalent to 997.82 Philippine Pesos. So I just spent less than 1000 pesos to be in the middle of 3 countries, and more! And I’m not kidding. ^_^ The Golden triangle is a place located where Thailand, Laos and Burma intersects each other. So from […]

How to help the Philippines

Tourists and travelers come over to the Philippines mostly because of the pristine beaches and white sands.. Mother nature has gifted us with water alright… but as of the moment, I think water is too much on some areas xD Thanks to climate change and other factors, slowly, history of Noah is repeating itself.. and […]

Frugal Tips Series on the Road #6

I met Antoine Santiago (not his whole name) at a challenging moment in the mountains of the Thai-Burma border. We were stuck in the village due to floods and had to make do with stock food because we cant go out of the village at that time. What is more interesting is that he and […]

Vietnam and Vietnamese Food

This is why I love having friends all over the world. They visit my country and I visit theirs ^_^ So last year, I went to see Emily in Burma. Before that, I went to see Pushpa in India. But even before I was a VSO Volunteer, I already made a visit to my friends […]

Frugal (and Climate Change Adaptation) Tips Series on the road #3

Brandon Macdonald is the tallest yet the youngest VSO Volunteer I’ve met. I’ve actually have a formula for him: Brandon := Grace * 2; So anyway, this Canadian guy is a theater actor in Toronto and is planning on directing his first play. Oh, he is a good singer too! For those who wants to […]

My Top 5 Churches in the Philippines

What makes Philippines unique is that it’s the only Christian nation in Asia being 90% as Christians (including those of different denominations) I missed being surrounded by Christian practices specially that I was  placed in countries that are predominantly Buddhist(Thai-Burma) and Hindu(India).. I have this feeling my next volunteer adventure will be in a Muslim […]

Returned Volunteers Weekend Gathering

Their profiles were impressive. Director of an institution, graduates of masteral degrees from abroad, former nuns, doctors,  nurses, etc. Like me, they all chose the road less traveled, and went to such countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Kenya, and Malawi. Im humbled by their stories surviving candlelight dinners […]

This Grasya will meet Jim Paredes

It all started with an email… I guess Jim felt the passion of Christ in my heart pouring out like a flowing river: Hi Jim, Im Grasya of http://www.grasya.com. I was once in Calcutta India and bought a Mother Theresa painting which Im auctioning now so I can donate to victims of calamity. I was […]

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