Earnings 2012

Inspired by the transparency of many bloggers here, I’d like to set transparency on my blog earnings. I don’t know if this has a negative effect but I’m sure I wont get kidnapped (yet).. Besides, just in case I’m doing it right and have earned enough to travel with the blog, I’ll always set aside portion of it to charity or to fund my next volunteer journey.

March: $100 in services
April: None
May: $30.00 for paid posts
June: $50.00 in services + 1 free base airfare to Malaysia
July: $149 for paid posts

Expenses: $20 donation to the recent Manila flood victims. $230 was given back to money I owe to a business partner
Earnings: £24 and $20+$30 paid links to posts

September: SG$100 for a travel writing gig + free insurance card

October: £24 + $9 sponsored post + free kitchenware from an advertiser in China – 500 pesos to charity

November: SG$100 for a travel article + $150 dollar for a guest post + Hawk Backpack + Blue and white porcelain tableware suit from LookChem – $50 for new hosting

December: £32 + $50



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