Earnings and Support

Here are some ways to support grasya so she can serve grace to others:

0. Let me travel with a purpose: If you know I’m visiting your province/country, feel free to invite me to visit your charity and other organizations. I can also showcase your organization on my blog so readers will know your advocacy.

1. Work with me on your tech projects. For the past 13 yeas, I’ve been doing software application and website management, planning, deployment, maintenance, testing and debugging, training, documentation and promotion but not necessarily the whole development process. Feel free to work with me on your tech needs.

2. Buy books that I recommend.. and you’ll give me referral earnings at no cost to you

3. If you own coffee shops, hotels or restaurants, please let me display paintings and professional pictures taken by my friends and put a price tag on them. Part of the proceeds will go to charities that we are supporting. If you need quality and quantitative feedback from mystery shoppers/guests, sign in thru http://detectivespy.org/ and https://www.albatrossonline.com/

4. Online Lovin: If you think my post is helpful, please share it through your twitter, facebook and other social networks. You can also follow my travel and lifestyle page on facebook.

5. Linkin Page: Link grasya.com up in your blogroll and in your posts so you can help me spread the good word.

6. Improvement Notes: Please take a look at my site and let me know if there are bugs or if you have suggestions on how I can do better. I’m a student of life and would love to learn more so I can share more for the benefit of everyone.

7.  If you have stuff to giveaway for your marketing campaign, grasya.com can promote and distribute these to her readers. Besides, that’s what grasya is for ;)

8. Advertise on grasya.com – Know the type of audience and influence reach of grasya.com at http://www.grasya.com/press

9. Subscribe to my newsletter to receive regular updates on how I survive travel and earning money on the road. I don’t usually post these updates on public, so this information is available to subscribers only. Newsletter is located at lower right side of the screen


10. Be a fairy to a fairy. Let’s collaborate on how to fulfill both our wishes. Here’s mine. What’s yours?


After 10 years of writing random thoughts, I finally decided to monetize this website. This doesn’t mean my thoughts will be compromise and biased. I’m all for transparency on how you earn online to inspire others that they can do it too. You can see earnings are documented as follows:






12 thoughts on “Earnings and Support

  1. Off to a solid start — all of the top bloggers I cover started off with just a few hundred dollars too. Best of luck growing your earnings through hard work!

  2. Wow! did you start earning right away or did you have the site for a while before you started earning? I’ve started my own travel blog recently and I’ve yet to really see any money. I understand it takes a while but I’m impressed by your progress. keep it up!

    1. it does takes a while, and my earnings are nothing compared to superstar bloggers out there.. if there is passion really, money will come along ^_^.. all the best in your travel blog too ^_^

  3. How much are you spending per month? What are the actual costs to backpack and travel? Have you thought about Webinars and Podcasting to grow your audience and generate some income?

    1. the actual costs ranges at around 15-30 dollars per day depending on which place I go.. but that’s only applicable to places in Asia.. At the moment, what I’m earning from my blog is just for my coffee addiction :)) but your suggestions are great.. ^_^ i just need to find a great topic.. please keep those ideas coming

  4. It is very inspiring to read about your hard work and earnings. I love your blog! After penning down random thoughts, I recently started a travel blog too and am planning to monetize it. Surely have to learn a lot from you!Keep up the good work!

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