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A day in Bhaktapur, Nepal with a motorcycle tour guide

I’m recalling my past travels in Nepal last 2014. It is such a beautiful country, I wish I can go back someday. **** After a few days in Kathmandu city, I decided to venture out and head to Bhaktapur. I found an American couchsurfer host and despite being 60, her radiance and outlook in life […]

My Favorite Restaurants in Pokhara, Nepal

These are restaurants in Pokhara where I personally have eaten.. they are not sponsored nor was I bribed to promote these restaurants.. ^_^ I’ve been spending quite some time in Pokhara already and while others have gone trekking, I’m window shopping ;D.. and eating in different restaurants and drinking milk teas in different cafes. Here’s […]

10 things to buy in Nepal

My time to go home is nearing and after two months, it is a tradition to share the happiness I have received in Nepal to my friends and family back home so hopefully ripple effects of happiness can be achieved even in small material things. When traveling on a shoestring budget, this is a hard […]

A visit to the birthplace of Buddha: Lumbini, Nepal

Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha has a 30 degree tropical weather. Hello familiar feeling. Internet and electricity is crap though, so you are forced to enjoy the present moment. Surrounded by sleepy villages, not much to see except stupa and pagodas.. lots of pilgrims by the way. Buddhists and curious travelers (like me) meditate, take […]

Life in Hetauda, Nepal

I’m here for a couple of days now.. internet and electricity is such a challenge and you know how it goes for online workers who’s internet is lifeblood? Yeah its kinda killing me softly.. but not for long coz I’m transferring to another location with inverter, solar panel, heater so hopefully despite intermittent electricity, life […]

What to do in Nepal

While I’m drafting the plans for my long journey, I’m foreseeing myself traveling to a dream travel destination -Nepal. Many people always think of Mt Everest when you say Nepal, but I’m sure there’s more stuff to do and things to see than the majestic snow covered Mountain.. Wow my long journey is taking shape.. […]

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