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How I saved 50% of the original budget in our Makati staycation

While people were going out of Metro Manila last holidays, on the other hand, we the promdis, took advantage of it and went to tour in the concrete jungle. We stayed in a beautiful condo in Makati and the staycation was soooooo worth it. The place was situated in the 30th floor in the heart […]

Restaurant Review: Pan de Amerikana

They say its the first and only restaurant in South East Asia where decorations are upside down.. that should capture customer’s attention.. and indeed our curiosities were captured. It’s a typical restaurant really, serves affordable Filipino dishes, with well mannered waiters. But what makes it different is how it was styled. It really looks like […]

What to do in Metro Manila on a Budget

I used to be a city dweller. Those were the days where I’m always on the run and busy.. And I need not worry on staying out late at night because there is always transportation available, I guess that’s the perks of living in the city. And for those who are new to Metro Manila […]

My Top 5 Churches in the Philippines

What makes Philippines unique is that it’s the only Christian nation in Asia being 90% as Christians (including those of different denominations) I missed being surrounded by Christian practices specially that I was  placed in countries that are predominantly Buddhist(Thai-Burma) and Hindu(India).. I have this feeling my next volunteer adventure will be in a Muslim […]

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