How I saved 50% of the original budget in our Makati staycation

How I saved 50% of the original budget in our Makati staycation

While people were going out of Metro Manila last holidays, on the other hand, we the promdis, took advantage of it and went to tour in the concrete jungle.

We stayed in a beautiful condo in Makati and the staycation was soooooo worth it.

makati at night
The place was situated in the 30th floor in the heart of Makati. It has complete amenities with swimming pool, gymn, wifi, aircon, hot shower and kitchen.. the place was very nice that we almost wouldn’t want to go out of the place during the whole staycation xD


It was near greenbelt and other malls, and near a park too. It feels so odd to be a tourist while you see busy people walking fast in the prime business district in the Philippines.. and to think that one time, I was once like that busy bitchy person wearing high heeled (name your shoe brand here) in the streets of the concrete jungle..


makati staycation
Well, the world is round people and we each have our highs and lows.. definitely, that day was a high for me.. don’t worry I’m going back to farm living when I get back to the boondocks ;D

Anyway, so you asked me how I was able to save 50%? Before we decided to go to the Metro, I was searching around on where to best spend a mini reunion. The most basic private pool that we can get is worth 10,000.00 pesos for 24 hours, excluding the food and the transportation expenses.

But when we had this staycation in the heart of Makati, the styled condo with complete amenities costs only (tada!) $75 for 5 people. We even had more budget for food and transportation which is an estimate of 2000 pesos. Total spending cost is around 5000.00 pesos only compare to spending 10000 pesos on a private resort in Laguna, the staycation in Makati is a super duper deal.


makati staycation2
I actually don’t want to reveal the location of the place because I discovered it.. finders keepers :P

But I also remember sharing is caring so I need to practice what I preach xD..

I also had a deal with the super gracious host Dianne and Louise because they gave me a discount, soooo if you want to have a perfect staycation like we did, feel free to ask me so I can refer you to them..

Want to have a discount too? I’m giving you P1,113 travel credit once you sign up at airbnb using this link… so there you go, hopefully, more Filipino people in different sectors of society, will get to travel their own country and also get to have fun.

Restaurant Review: Pan de Amerikana

Restaurant Review: Pan de Amerikana

They say its the first and only restaurant in South East Asia where decorations are upside down.. that should capture customer’s attention.. and indeed our curiosities were captured.

It’s a typical restaurant really, serves affordable Filipino dishes, with well mannered waiters. But what makes it different is how it was styled.

It really looks like a posh restaurant yet its good for the budget. No qualms for the food though, or maybe I haven’t acquired a critical taste yet xD.. i eat anything really. Here’s the menu for those who wanted to try it out:

And for those who wanted to try for themselves, Pan de Amerikana is located at 118 Katipunan Avenue, White Plains, Quezon City. It is open Monday – Saturdays 8am -9pm, Sundays 8am-3pm


We hailed a cab from Alimall in Cubao to get to the place. There’s also other options like taking the De-Castro-Cubao jeepney then get off at Boni Serrano and Katipunan Intersection but we havent tried it yet. For more details, you can also read another blogger review at


You can visit plenty more restaurants like this if you decide to travel to Manila. And before I end this post, I’d like to say thank you to Ate Veron for the company and to our sponsor, my college bestfriend who I havent seen for like 10 thousand years :)) thanks Saturn, may you find your Venus (or Mars xD)

Check out Miss Eat for more foodie finds.

What to do in Metro Manila on a Budget

I used to be a city dweller. Those were the days where I’m always on the run and busy.. And I need not worry on staying out late at night because there is always transportation available, I guess that’s the perks of living in the city.

And for those who are new to Metro Manila and would like to explore on a budget.. try these:

1. People watch. Most of the people in the Philippines migrate to Metro Manila in search of jobs and to study because most opportunities are found in the Metro. So if you don’t find people in the province, go to Metro Manila… and watch them go about their daily routine ^_^… It’s kinda amusing specially if you’re the creative type and would invent stories in your head :D

2. Watch a free movie. Recently, there were free french movies being shown at Shangri La Mall in Edsa.. Yeah its a posh mall but it offers freebies too ^_^.. not everyday though.. just watch out for their announcement.

3. Walk in the park. My favorite one is Rizal Park in Luneta and in Greenbelt in Makati.. It’s like a temporary escape from the hustle and bustle of the Metro.

Now if you have a little moolah to spend:

4. Eat out at night markets. When a Thai friend of mine visited the Philippines, we went out at a night market at Metrowalk, Pasig City named Il Mercanti. The food are a variety of foreign and local foods, the prices were reasonable too

5. Hire a pedicab and tour Intramuros at night. This is what me and a German friend did recently.. Pedicab tours offer 200 pesos for 30 mins tour.. We ended up paying 400 pesos after 2 hours and felt ripped off at some point so you need to negotiate well. You just have to bear with the pedicab driving in the middle of manila traffic at night with all the pollution from cars and jeepneys but if you’re still alive after, consider that an adventure. :D


Metro Manila traffic is kinda overwhelming at times.. specially that I spent most of my times in far flung provinces.. Good thing I got a sponsored facial, diamond peel, and one hour massage from Perps Medspa, I was able to relax and rejuvenate and bear with the stress of Manila traffic and pollution.
Perps MedSpa is located along Zapote-Alabang Road in Las Pinas City and it’s in the same compound as with the University of Perpetual Help DALTA Medical Center. You may call Perps MedSpa at 874-8515 loc. 724 to schedule for a massage and facial… Now that is what you call good karma in the works ;)

If you know of other ways to explore Metro Manila on a budget, please contribute and comment away ^_^

My Top 5 Churches in the Philippines

What makes Philippines unique is that it’s the only Christian nation in Asia being 90% as Christians (including those of different denominations)

I missed being surrounded by Christian practices specially that I was  placed in countries that are predominantly Buddhist(Thai-Burma) and Hindu(India).. I have this feeling my next volunteer adventure will be in a Muslim country (why not! ^_^)

Anyhow, in celebration of holy week and easter,  I’ve enumerated some churches I’ve visited in the Philippines.. It can be one of our tourist attractions (like what i felt when I saw buddhist and hindu temples xD)… but to us, a church is a refuge, a sacred place that charges our soul.. so we can spread love to the world again.


1. St James, Bolinao, Pangasinan – This church has a 400+ years old convent.. and floors are made of coffins xD.. What makes this memorable is that I’ve slept in the convent and I’m still alive :D.. Read my post here




2. Tagbilaran Cathedral in Tagbilaran, Bohol – I’ve observed that the people in the island of Bohol are very religious.. Everyone in the mall stops just to pray the Angelus at 6pm.. No wonder the church is always full packed every sunday. Oh ya, I saw a little murmuration miracle here after I went out of the church one day.



3. Nuestra Señora del Pilar Church in Zamboanga  – It is open air and amazing..



4. San Juan Bautista Church in Calamba, Laguna – located just beside the house of our National Hero Jose Rizal in Calamba, Laguna, it has indeed a calm aura. It’s a favorite church because I’ve got lots of memories here since I hail from this part of the country.. *reminisce mode*


5. Don Bosco Church in Makati – sorry I don’t have a picture. I love going to this church when I was living in Makati. I enjoyed people watching too! xD.. Honestly, it was my haven and my soul feels calm just to be in that church.


But no matter, even if destiny will place me anywhere in the part of the world.. the church will always be in my heart.. I can just close my eyes, recharge my soul, say a little prayer so that afterwards, I can be ready to spread love again to the world.