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How to Get Free Accommodation When You Travel

I have to tell you something.. most of the places we stayed at when I was traveling with my mom were free.. And surprisingly, those places were very nice.. almost glamorous. And did I mention free? You can read more about how to stay in hotels for free here.   Ok before I make some of […]

Tips and observations when traveling with elderly people

Finally, my mother, a senior citizen, was able to travel out of the country last month. We did not do many activities since we don’t want her to be too tired as it’s normal for elders but we still managed to travel and visited different places in 2 countries. We traveled to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, […]

Tourism and Community Development: Showcasing the richness of the poor

For other people, there’s nothing special in places that are far from everything. No skyscrapers, no malls or fancy restaurants nearby.. if you’re lucky, no cellphone or internet signal too. Others may think that locals who live in very rural areas are poor. But for me, these people are lucky they are living in a […]

What to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

It was my first time to set foot on red sand dunes.. and I said to myself, who needs to be in the Middle East to see vast sand when I can just go to Mui Ne? ;) And since there is nothing like red colored sand dunes in the Philippines.. I was mesmerized, awestruck, […]

What I did in Vietnam

It’s nice to be back in Vietnam again.. the last time I was here in Ho Chi Minh City was last 2008, and that was my first solo travel.. time really fries. Well I came in Vietnam alone but because I met with Vietnamese friends and was with them most of the time, I cant […]

Life without facebook

This grasya is in Vietnam at the moment… and apparently facebook is blocked in this part of the world.. well I can open it if I want using some hacking tools but not having facebook is actually a breather at the moment.. here are the reasons: 1. I can concentrate on blogging… see what I’m […]

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