How to Get Free Accommodation When You Travel

How to Get Free Accommodation When You Travel

I have to tell you something.. most of the places we stayed at when I was traveling with my mom were free..

And surprisingly, those places were very nice.. almost glamorous. And did I mention free? You can read more about how to stay in hotels for free here.

hotel in Thailand


Ok before I make some of you envious (and plot a way to rob our house again like what happened last 2013), let me tell you that there are ways for you to have free stays too. Here are some options:

1. Volunteering –  I was able to go to India and Thailand because of a volunteer agency. In exchange of the work that I did for non profit organizations, I was able to learn the language and culture of the country, was able to get a nice apartment, and I was able to travel as well.. on a budget of course.


2. Couchsurfing – although people see this as a way to get free accommodation, you are expected to barter something. Like cultural exchanges, and a little bit of household chores. There are generous souls who I met that did not ask for anything but as a responsible guest, I did my best to reciprocate the generosity I’m receiving. This is my room when I was in Nepal, not bad for a “couch”


3. Stay at family homes – because most Asians are family oriented, most also prefer to stay in houses of relatives when traveling. That’s why sometimes it’s the advantage of a large family clan. My family clan is scattered around the Philippines so when I get to travel around, I almost always have free places to stay. You don’t have a large family clan? No worries, families can be in a form of organizations or friends.. ask to be adopted by one ^_^


4. Join Contests – well, unfortunately I was not lucky enough to win in such contests.. so I made my own contests :)).. check out my posts about how gave free accommodation in Nepal and Thailand, hopefully can give away more contests in the future ^_^



5. Get sponsored – From our last trip, I was not able to volunteer or couchsurf, we also don’t have families in Thailand and Vietnam. But lucky enough, advertisers are able to fund my trip so we got to stay in fancy hotels. I also got promo codes from Airbnb so it reduced our accommodation budget significantly.


Despite that, since I’m all about transparency, I still will post stories about not so nice experiences don’t worry :P

There are also other creative ways to get free accommodations which include house sitting, woofing, work exchange, and I’m still experimenting on Trampolinn. But I haven’t done those yet, probably I’ll do it when I get to Europe as I intend to stay in that continent for a bit longer.. as you see, I do love long term travels… We’ll see what the future holds.


How about you? Do you have tips on how to get free accommodations when you travel? Do share your tips.




The Free Postcard to Happiness Project

The Free Postcard to Happiness Project

The week was hellish and I’m running around to attend daughter and cousin duties. Now that activities are almost over, I still have no new story to tell.. well I have several on queue but those will be up next week, please bear with me as I catch my breath.

And because I’m not posting any new stuff recently, I then owe my readers postcards..

Yeah, free of charge until next month ^_^.. my small way of saying thank you for reading my thoughts.. or since I don’t have new thoughts up in the blog these days, thank you still for being patient and tolerating my sponsored advertisements.

And I do hope the wee gift spreads happiness to your heart then creates ripple effects to the rest of the inhabitants of mother earth. You can send me a postcard too if you like, I’d greatly appreciate that ^_^

If you like it, just email me your address at grasya (at) with the subject: Postcard

All I can afford is a postcard right now but who knows what can I send next? ^_^ #goodvibes

Citizens of the Earth – A tribute to the International day of Peace

The time has come that every citizen of planet earth needs to take responsibility for the benefit of mankind. Your responsibility is to be human. What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to be alive?
Because when you are in love with your life, with your existence, that is when you begin to respect other people’s existence. This is not the case in the world today, this needs to change. And that fundamental change doesn’t begin with the world out there.

It begins with every single human being on the face of this earth. The time has come that we, the citizens of this earth take the responsibility upon our shoulders.

It is not the governments, not the big institutions, it is not the police, it is not the army. But it is each human being taking responsibility for this peace that is going to make a difference.

The words above are extracted from the video below:

Do you have peace in your heart? That is also a question to myself. It is difficult, but it is possible.

Do you have activities for the International Day of Peace on Sept 21? Let me know how I can help you promote it.

For more information on the International Day of Peace:

What World Do You Want? A United Nations Global Survey For A Better World

What World Do You Want? A United Nations Global Survey For A Better World

I have a dream…

I’m sure you have a dream too.

Thing is, sometimes dreams just remain dreams if we dont start steps to make it come true. I aim to be free in a free world, and I’m doing steps to fulfill that goal.. One step is to make my thoughts be heard.. And sometimes wishes do come true really! *winks at fairies*

I’m sure its not only me who’s dreaming of a free and better world, I’m sure you do too.. who the heck wants a sick and cruel world anyway?



So lets do the first steps to healing the world by making your voices be heard too. One of the many ways to start is to fill in the survey at the United Nations Global Survey.

Let us tell the United Nations what we want.. Do we need access to clean water and air? Do we need a transparent government? Better healthcare? Actually I wanted to tick all of the choices in the survey! How come we only need to choose 6 :(

That’s the start of a small step towards change.. but please dont stop there, lets all do good in our own small way to create ripple effects of a bright future so we can have the world we really want.

Let’s have the best things in life:

Let’s have the best things in life:

Ok, taking steps to be a fairy is a bit hard… hard to grant wishes to deserving people you know, also to equally deserving people you hardly know.

Also, much harder when you also wish the same wish that other people wish. But yeah, I also recognize I’m a human and sometimes greediness gets in the way ^_^

But nothing’s gonna stop me to spread the love .. even the lack of moolah :P

So here’s my concrete steps to making it happen. GRASYA.ORG

You want freebies?
You want contests that will score you free trips?
You want more freedom?
You want to be a fairy too?

Let’s make it happen and have the best things in life. ^_^