Win FREE 2 nights stay at Jazz Hostel in New York

Win FREE 2 nights stay at Jazz Hostel in New York

February is the month of Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.. Perfect timing to give away freebies ;)

Here’s a very easy way how to avail free 2 nights stay at Jazz on Columbus Circle Youth Hotel in New York. All steps are required for you to be eligible to win. I give special treatment to those who will give a little effort to comment in this blog post. ^_^

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A few years ago, New York Food Tour gave out complimentary food trips. Now Jazz Hostels, a former tech project client, is giving away freebies via this blog. Isn’t that awesome? ^_^

Columbus Circle Jazz Hostel =New York
You’ll find that the Youth Hotel is nestled next to Central Park, a stone’s throw away from the world famous Columbus Circle traffic circle. Take time to visit Lincoln Center a short walk away, catch a bus or one of the 5 subway lines (A.B.C.D&1) to anywhere in New York. With restaurants, art galleries, bus/bike tours, shopping, clubs and bars surrounding the youth hotel, you will become more than a visitor, you will be a part of the fabric of New York.

jazz hostel columbus new york
I haven’t been to New York yet, sometimes I ask myself why can’t I be the one to go to New York instead.. but then I realized, I’m the fairy here.. so my work is to grant your wishes. xD

And maybe it’s not yet my time to go to the Big Apple but it’s the ripe time for me to be a fairy to those who are already there or are planning to be there this year. And even if you’re not planning to go, just in case you win, you can still send a representative to avail your freebie instead.. that way, you can also become a fairy. ^_^

jazz columbus circle new york
And that makes me already happy. ^_^ Don’t worry, I’m in a paradise called Palawan, the best island in the world, so there’s nothing to complain :P

This giveaway will run starting Feb 8, 2016 and will end on March 8, 2016. Only 1 winner will be declared, afterwhich the lucky person can avail the prize within 1 year.

If you feel it’s your lucky day, start joining, start sharing and start wishing to win a Free 2 Nights Stay at Jazz Hostels Columbus Circle in New York.

The winner for this contest is Gabriel Boffa who joined the contest from Argentina. Congratulations!

The luxury of staying in Farms

The luxury of staying in Farms

Imagine this: Cows, goats, pig and other livestock smells. Annoying sounds of the roosters waking you up. And worst of all, creepy crawlers lurking in the house in a place far from everything. I have visited different farms or ranches during my travels in South East Asia and to be honest, creepy crawlers are like pets in the house already.. People staying in farms must have been used to it. But if you’re not, you will find yourself amused and at the same time screaming every now and then.

Cows in Laos

And then imagine this.

Breathe of fresh air breezing through your face wherever you go. The aura of greens and the vision of an eternal spring can really soothe the soul. For most city dwellers who are longing for a change of environment, staying at a ranch is indeed a glamorous outdoor adventure.

outdoor ranch

And then there’s fresh fruits.. You gotta love the unlimited fresh food supply that is provided by Mother Earth. Thank you to farmers whose dirty hands planted the food that numerous people are now enjoying. The freshness of everything is one of the primary reasons why I love staying in farms. One thing comes to my mind when I stay in farms: contentment.

And then there’s the creatures that loves you unconditionally… Nevermind the animal poo poos and the creepy crawlers.. Just remember the different species of wild birds that gives you real tweets every delightful morning.. the cuddly dog that always craves for attention, the cutie cat, the curious horse, the fat pig, the chicken.. They love you to the point of giving their lives for you… ok.. I’m becoming emotional.


If I travel to other countries again, I will make sure to stay in farms or ranches. That’s because farmers are one of the most generous people I’ve ever met during my travels.. I guess that’s because Mother Earth never stops giving them what they need too.

If I ever have a chance to stay in a luxurious ranch, I’ll make sure to learn how to ride a horse. Who knows maybe I can have one as a pet too.


Many people think staying in hotels are the only way to experience luxury. But there are actually celebrities who also spend glamorous activities and special occasions, such as weddings, on ranch resorts. Jessica Simpson, Kelly Clarkson and Kate Bosworth’s celebrity weddings was held in one. And one of the lucky venue to host such a wonderful moment is The Ranch at Rock Creek in the States. The breathtaking landscape and the promise of a raw adventure also means promises of forever..

Well for me, if I get the chance to visit places like these in the west, it will be because of the wildflower meadows, high country lakes, grassy ridge lines, the wildlife, and yeah, did I mention the horses? <3 Someday, maybe I’ll have my hidden paradise converted into a luxury farm too… I’ll dream of this for now.. who knows sooner or later it might become a reality..

For Search Engine Visibility, Why Your Website Needs a Fast Network

For Search Engine Visibility, Why Your Website Needs a Fast Network

I had a lesson learned lately.. that is to stop announcing my SEO keywords so other smarter people wont be able to steal it.. another method is to optimized further so you can bring your site back at the top of search engines. Another stronger method is to just build credibility so people will automatically go to your site without needing the help of search engines.

For aspiring online entrepreneurs, aside from the fundamental requirement of a fast Internet network, you also need to know other strategies on how to generate an online business whether its a blog that generate ads or an e-commerce site that sell stuff.

If you want to rank high in search engines, consider the following points:

Website visibility. If your website loads faster than other websites of similar categories, chances are your website will be visited more. And faster loading time is not only the main reason why readers prefer to visit your website, it must be easy to use and navigate around too.. Hosting a website on the fastest possible network directly impacts search rankings for optimum website visibility. Do this and your website will be a favorite by search engines.

On page rankings. Most websites content are using SEO strategies in order to build a powerful domain authority. Websites with higher PRs are much valued rather than those with low PRs because they are seen to have high authority due to gaining links from other credible websites. The more credible websites are linking to you, the more PR you’ll get.. For simplicity purposes, the drawing below should explain further:

Off-page rankings. This means means engagement around social networking… and reasons why you should leave comments on other blogs, do guest postings, answer questions in forums, etc.. that is like leaving footprints from different websites for others to click and discover your site.

And while your website’s visitors increases from these sources, you need a fast network to handle fluctuating traffic volumes in and around the site.

The points above are not concrete solutions on how to gain many readers and boost your traffic up. It is always important to maintain transparency and credibility so your website visitors will trust your site and like any loyal customer does, they will then keep coming back.

Any strategies on how your sites became successful?