The Girl and the World – from the creators of Saving Sally

Once there was a boy, he knew a girl who carried the world in her shoulders. Everyday he would asked her – “Do you need help?”

But she would say – “No thank you, it’s not that big”

And the world would seem a little bigger.


One day, the boy decided to give her a gift.

Girl: “I cannot accept that”

Boy: “But why? It’s yours.”

Girl: “I’m sorry, but I cannot carry anything anymore.”

And the boy was very sad.


The next day, when he went to see her, the girl was gone. He waited and waited for her to return. The sun set and the moon rose, but she did not come back.

Finally, the boy said to himself- “I must leave this place”

He traveled the universe, cross rainbows, rode comets, painted nebulas, and even tamed stars.


Suns slept, and moons awake, but he could never forget the girl who carry the world in her shoulders.


One day, he saw her again.

“Hello”, she said as if she never left.

“Hello”, said the boy, doing his best to remain calm.

“I see that you’ve gone very far, you must have many things to share, tell me a story”, said the girl.

The boy thought for a while.

“I’ve only have one thing to say, I’ve travelled light years and I’ve seen many wonders, but I’ve never forgotten you. I still carry this wherever I go.”



She did not take the heart, her hands were full..

But he did helped her carry the world.


*** This story was a tribute to the book Little Prince by the creators of Saving Sally, a movie that has taken 10 years to make.. I feel the patience, dedication and love in the craft.. I’m not paid to endorse the movie, I’m just a silent fan <3