Freebies and Discounts Gift For You

Freebies and Discounts Gift For You

October is my birth month and I’ll be turning a year older again, time fries. So I’m giving gifts for you in my own special way.

The year was just… normal I would say.

At this age, I’m 70% financially free, some online work, a few investments, a house in the beachside waiting to be cleaned.. and a few more projects in the pipeline.

Work has consumed me. Brain work.

House and farm work on the other hand, remains to be a challenge… I’m getting better at cooking though..

But I’m not here to talk about me, I’m here to give you stuff.. so you can pass the good stuff forward and make others happy. How about that? ^_^

For discounts on accommodation, signup at airbnb and get 21USD discount on your first stay:

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Useful Links for freebies:

I do hope this site can give more, so let’s see what the future holds.
Don’t worry about not giving me back at this time, I’m getting commission fees for every sign up too so it’s a win/win..

Hope this brighten your day.

10 Shopping Lifehacks in Metro Manila

10 Shopping Lifehacks in Metro Manila

I don’t like traveling to Metro Manila that much.. the traffic and sea of people don’t want me to go there…

However, because I got a client that pays me to manage a nationwide audit of a tech brand, I got the chance to go and travel around Metro Manila. I took advantage of it to observe different classes of society from the super high end where elitists hang out to food tripping in a place where poverty and tokhang activities are “normal”.. the economic gap in Metro Manila is so high between super rich and super poor, yet they still manage to live near each other.

I also gathered a few tips here and there so you won’t feel ripped off afterwards when shopping. The money you save from this lifehack can make you travel further.. or you can pay it forward as you wish.

shangri la

Here they are. Enjoy and feel free to forward to your frugal minimalist friends too.

1. When you’re a small built, try to shop at the kids section. I do this when buying branded posh clothes with the excuse of buying for my nephew or niece but in reality, I’m actually buying for me. The price there is half the price of the adult counterpart.. sometimes you get to save 50% even without the announced discount.

2. Speaking of announced. Sometimes stores doesn’t announce their sales. This is specially applicable in posh stores. They do offer discounts or sales, just don’t be shy to ask. Because if you don’t ask, they won’t tell.

3. Use rewards points from credit cards, SM Advantage, Robinsons rewards cards or any other similar reward cards. I was able to reduce the price of the stuff that I bought because I got some rewards points.

4. If you have a senior citizen or PWD friend, bring them to grocery shop with you and get 20% discount. There was a time when seniors and PWDs are not treated well by society, now I see families bringing their oldies in the Mall.. good behavior change.

5. Take advantage of free makeups at some cosmetic stores… I did this once because the saleslady took pity on my oily skin so she did some charity work on me and gave me free makeup.

6. You think an item is expensive online? If you’re in the boondocks and can’t go to the city immediately, try to ask a friend if it’s more cheaper in her location.. then you can ask her to buy and ship it to you instead.

7. Mystery shopping to get stuff for free. Sometimes I get expensive stuff for free in exchange of being critic to some branded items. It’s fun and you get freebies in return.


8. Bottled water in the restaurant costs 25 pesos, but if you buy in the grocery section of the mall, or even in the vendor outside the Mall, it will only cost 10 php. So tiis ganda until you reach the grocery section, grab the 10 peso water, line up for 15 mins, and hope you still have your senses by the time you finally pay the drink. Sometimes, there are free water in food courts. Better bring your own water bottle to minimize the use of plastics.

9. 1 whole chicken is 160 pesos, 2 pc chicken at a fastfood has the same price. So sometimes, I’d rather buy a whole chicken at the department store then cook it at home.

10. KFC shots is cheaper and sometimes has more meat than 1 pc chicken with rice… not a sponsored post.. Although I wish it is.

Book Review: iCon – Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

Book Review: iCon – Steve Jobs: The Greatest Second Act in the History of Business

This book is a cynical description of Steve Jobs. I grew up having him as an idol even if I despise the sky high prices of the product of his company. But they are successful in brainwashing people that buying Apple products makes you an elite and you can have the bragging rights to discriminate those who don’t have Apple gadgets so the marketing strategy was effective.

Going back to the book, I think the author is either painting a realistic description of Jobs, or just plainly hated Jobs that he also focused on his ugly aspects. I do like the fact that he was minimalist, and went to India to learn about Eastern spiritual teachings. What I don’t like was he initially didn’t acknowledge his daughter Lisa, his freeloading style and manner of how he treat his employees.

This book was not Steve Job’s proper biography. If I were Jobs, I wouldn’t want to read some bad information about me too :))) but somehow I got the chance to read it.. Thank you to Anna Cleal Dawson, the original owner of the book.

Here’s some excerpts of the book that you might find interesting:

“Steve’s devotion to the philosophies of the East seemed to be tied to his quest for other truths – the absolutes and the loopholes of science and electronics-and tied to his own identity…
After the stop in Germany, Jobs arrived in India barefoot and threadbare. This was how he chose to dress, as an expression of a specific ideal or aesthetic.. His clothes may have been ragged, but they were Western clothes, and he had something more than “going native” in mind. His idea was to make the journey as mendicant – spiritual beggar dependent on the kindness of strangers. He immediately traded his tshirt and jeans for a lunghi, a loincloth that is the traditional India garb for mendicants, and gave away everything else he had. “ page 24

“It took him years before he paid for anything. He never had cash with him, and whenever we went out with him, we had to pay. I think it had something to do with not wanting to be taken advantage of.. Or maybe he was just skinflint..

It had become a running joke within the group that eating out with Steve was an exercise in embarrassment. First, there was an issue of sending plates back. He rarely accepted the first plate brought to him; he would find a reason to send it back. It would be “s—t” or dirty, or not what he thought the waitress has described. Another plate would be brought, and often that one would go back too. It was like a power trip gone mad. .. It was a though the gods had showered this young prince with money, power, and adulation but had failed to grant him humility or grace. He was an unmannerly brat with $200 million in the bank” – page 85

Steve understood the power of ownership. He had no interest in being on the payroll; in fact, the grown up Steve Jobs rarely accepted pay checks from any of his companies. His salary at Apple would be $1 a year, and his title was “interim CEO”, while the board half heartedly engaged a search firm to hunt for a permanent replacement. – page 234

So there goes some snippets of the book. If it spikes your curiousity, feel free to read it further.


10 Practical Holiday Gifts for Travelers

10 Practical Holiday Gifts for Travelers

For those looking on what to give this holiday season to travelers, here’s stuff that I found necessary while traveling. I have used some of them and can highly recommend them as gifts to fellow travelers. Check them out, and if you find a stuff that you need, feel free to send this link to Santa Claus. ^_^

1. Scarf. Scarf is the most useful stuff I bring on my travels. You can use this as a fashion essential to cover your bulges, or your small mammary glands. Aside from that, you can also use it as a substitute for towel, blanket, and handkerchief, and if you can be creative, a big scarf can be a dress too.. Very practical indeed.

grasya with scarf in Nepal

2. High End phone that functions as a camera, video, internet device, gameboy, etc. You can work and/or play at the same time while you are traveling. I have a cheap phone that I use mostly when traveling because it doesn’t break and if it gets lost, I won’t have a heart ache. But recently, I felt that need to have a high end phone for my online projects, good thing I got them for free because of my postpaid plan. Now, that’s what you call practical :P

Note: As a traveler, one must also consider the quality of images you capture. It is a good thing to have your own handy camera that’ll capture your escapade. For this, one must consider buying their own digital camera. For this you might want to consider a professional dslr, a mirrorless camera, a point-and-shoot camera like the canon powershot g3, or an action camera.

3. Backpack with wheels. The wheels will give the backpack a dual purpose so when you get a backache, you can wheel the baggage instead. My cousin gave this kind of backpack to me, so thank you sooo much ate Liza xx

4. Swiss knife, pepper spray and other self defense tools. This is important especially for women travelers.

5. First aid kits. If something happens and hospital is far, it’s better to learn first aid and a first aid kit should be handy.

6. Beauty kits. Some travelers want to look chick and posh while still traveling so a beauty kit that contains powder, cologne, etc is a gift that every traveler will be delighted with.

7. Tech gadgets such as laptop. I’m just putting it out here because my laptop needs to be replaced soon. Here’s my paawa effect image:



8. Hotel vouchers. Some people love to travel outdoors, but some love to just stay in their accommodation and just.. stay there. Yeah I know people like these. That’s why the word staycation is invented. Some people travel to a place, then when they get to the place, instead of exploring, they just go around their hotel and sleep.. Understandable when you’re traveling with senior citizens. ^_^ The perfect gift for them are hotel vouchers. If you look around my website, I’m giving discount staycation vouchers. Feel free to use them ^_^.. That’s my mom in a hotel we got for free, thank you sponsors ^_^


9. Airmiles or a free ticket elsewhere. Because you are giving gifts to travelers. Duh. My Air asia bigshot id is 7310008540 and Cebu pacific getgo number is 2030241901, thank you. I do prefer land travel though.. but it’s difficult when you’re located in the Philippines when the fastest way to get out of this country is by air.

10. Travel funds. Let’s cut the chase. Sometimes you are given a gift that you don’t want. So better give the funds to buy the gift that you want no? ^_^


So there’s my suggested list of items to give travelers this holiday season. Any practical stuff to add up in the list? ^_^

How to protect your bank accounts online and offline

Evils are there out to get your money. Burglars have become tech savvy that they don’t need to rob your house. In a click of a mouse, wrong move will make you say goodbye to your earnings. How do we protect ourselves from this? Let’s cut the chase and go direct to the point:

1. Make sure you protect your gadgets from virus/malwares/spywares. These are computer programs created to steal so how do we prevent this? Make sure you have an updated antivirus/anti malware/anti spyware. These anti theft softwares can diagnose whether there’s malicous programs running in your computer. Makes you sleep peacefully at night.. but wait, don’t be overly contented yet.

2. Regularly change passwords. Spywares can monitor your behavior online and can even know the account passwords you have entered in different websites. And even if you don’t have a spyware, websites where you input personal information can be target of hackers and they can download your profile together with your account passwords.

Actually, even if there’s no spywares in your gadget, anyone who knows your personal information and password can be malicious enough to steal your identity and access your account while pretending to be you.

It is best to regularly change your passwords so hackers won’t get the chance to enter into your personal accounts with their current password info from you because you have changed them already.

3. When buying online, make sure you buy from a trusted source. Yep, for those so called savvy people who love to shop online because too lazy or senior citizens who are too old to go to the Malls are main targets. A website that makes you buy something might not be safe and might be vulnerable to hackers. Make sure the ecommerce website has good online reviews before giving your credit card or paypal credentials.

4. When withdrawing, make sure the ATM does not have a skimming device. Skimming devices are attached to ATMs to capture your card details like account number and password. You can view this video to know more about it.. Also, skimming devices doesn’t happen in ATMs too.. there are devices in supermarkets that captures your credit card information too.. So make sure you shop at legitimate stores just to be on the safe side.

video courtesy of Ben Tedesco

5. When you think there’s suspected illegal activities in your account, contact your bank immediately so they can advise you on the necessary steps to protect your money online and offline.

It’s always good to be vigilant. Hope this helps you out to protect yourself and your hard earned cash.. Any suggestions that you think should be added in what I’ve mentioned?