What to do in Tawi Tawi

What to do in Tawi Tawi

Tawi tawi is the southernmost province in the Philippines where you can almost see Malaysia when you’re on top of the mountain. You can also try to go to Indonesia or Malaysia via boats but since I didnt have my passport, I wasn’t able to go *sayang*

Anyway, its a charm and a challenge that was ticked off my bucket list. It’s a laid back province, I even met Malaysians traveling around.. so without further ado, if you found yourself in Tawi Tawi, here are things you can do:

Let the stilt houses set you in awe.. if you have the chance to go inside, then you have my salute because I havent been inside a stilt house yet


Climb Bud Bungao, but before that, you have to make friends with the monkeys along the way.. bananas should be your peace offering.

And once you’ve passed the monkey challenge, the view at the top is amazing


Make an instant clean drive when you get down the mountain, you’ve seen the magnificent view a top, why not help make a beautiful view of the path trek by picking trash along the way


Chill out and look for coffee shops and eat this! According to DayangZarah Ali, a friend from Tawi Tawi, the round purple thing is putlih mandi. daral is the purple wrapped like lumpia. then the one wrapped in leaves is pitis. tabid-tabis is the one with sugar under the daral which is also purple in color. Donut is the one beside the putlih mandi which is round with a hole at the center & coated with sugar too. The brown fried thing is pangih pangih. All of these are bangbang which is the equivalent of kanom in Thai, tinapay in Tagalog, bread in English ^_^

Explore the town more.. thank you to a returned VSO Volunteer, Michael Guanieso, who was gracious enough to show what it is like in Tawi Tawi.


Cafe Lawis: Coffee Shop in Bohol

Cafe Lawis: Coffee Shop in Bohol


You can check this out on what to do in Bohol other than the beach, chocolate hills, and tarsier.

This traditionally looking posh coffee shop offers free WIFI and delicious breakfast combo worth less than a hundred pesos every sunday.

So after you go to church at Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis, you may want to have your tummy filled and caffeine fix here ^_^

It’s one of the nicest coffee shops I’ve been in Bohol without breaking much of my budget so it deserves to be on the spotlight. Plus the ambiance is very nice too.. its an old building so you’ll get a feel of age-old structures without the moo moo :P

How to get to Cafe Lawis? From Tagbilaran, ride a habal habal or tricycle and tell the driver to drop you off at Cafe Lawis beside the church in Dauis. Fare is around 20 pesos.Here’s sample of their menu:

Espresso: 45 pesos

Americano: 45 pesos

Latte: 65 pesos

Cappuccino: 65 pesos

Coffee Shop in Zamboanga: Kape Zambo Coffee Shop & Restaurant

Coffee Shop in Zamboanga: Kape Zambo Coffee Shop & Restaurant

It is my Nth time in Zamboanga City. And every time  its always 90% spent visiting the large clan. No, no, im not complaining :D

It’s safer anyway. Read my post of the trip to Zamboanga  last year.

This time, I ventured out more and made some new discoveries… and I found a coffee shop! Coffee shops = can work online = very happy grasya.


They have free WIFI, coffee is great, plus they offer buffet lunch when I was there on a friday!


I’m not paid to do this but since I’m happy sitting my butt a few hours to work and eat, I’d gladly recommend them to digital nomads out there. Watch out for occasional power cuts though ^_^

Kape Zambo Coffee Shop and Restaurant is located at Canelar St, near Atilano pension house,Zamboanga City , Zamboanga Del Sur


Where and what to eat in Antique

I’ve been in my hidden paradise located in the West of Panay Island for so long.. geesh I feel like roots are growing out of my feet lol

With delicious foods, unlimited rice, abundant coconuts, clean air, real butterflies and flowers as my screensaver while working, I’m finding it hard to let go… Oh my.

Anyway, here’s more food reasons why I’m happily contented in this hidden paradise (for now).

Ifuben. This is noodles that looks like pancit canton but with lotsa cheese in it. I found the best ifuben at Cafe Plaza in San Jose, its a cozy coffee shop in town that offers the best ifuben according to my taste buds. You can get there by telling the tricycle driver to drop you off at Cafe Plaza in the Avon building.. just hope you arrive on a perfect timing coz this cafe has lots of fans aka customers. Otherwise, you can go to Regina’s as an alternative, but I swear the Ifuben in Cafe Plaza is more delicious ^_^

Baked Oysters. This yummyness which costs 300 pesos in posh restaurants in Metro Manila is only around 100 pesos here! Baked oysters is heaven and I keep coming back for more! My favorite place to eat this is in Tay Inggo’s restaurant, still in San Jose.. again, just tell the tricycle driver to drop you off Tay Inggo. It’s a small town, I’m sure he knows where it is.

Chicken Binakol. It’s a chicken soup dish that is like the combination of tinola and nilaga according to my taste buds. What is interesting is that it has coconut meat in it. Coconuts as veggies is new to me but hey it tastes great nevertheless. I’ve tasted it at Tay Inggo too ^_^

Ibos and other delicious kakanin. Ibos is like suman but instead of sticky rice, it has corn inside the wrapper. Kakanins are just like those kakanins you see in the market. Locals might not be interested coz its not new to them but foreigners might want to check them out.

I’m still on the lookout on where to eat frogs here dear folks, unfortunately its indeed a rare delicacy that only privilege few can eat. *insert sad face here*

Well, at least I’m one of the privilege few who have tasted my Aunt’s pochero.. :P

So there you go, hope you’ll have fun food tripping in this hidden paradise. I’ll blog more once I get to eat more exotic foods soon ^_^

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Coffee Shops in Dumaguete: Coffee Series #1

I loOoove coffee shops.

Drinking coffee or tea in a place artistically created just for the drinker is a vice I’m finding it hard to take out of my system. So hard, I’ve created a poem out of it XD

I know I’m still a frugal traveler and I’d save and eat out at carinderias just to hunt down some coffee shops… and stay in a nook corner for 5 hours xD

So I’m surprised when I got to see coffee shops in Dumaguete, lots of them! Pink ones, formal ones, artsy ones, more artsy ones.. *drools*

This is Poppy coffee beside Siliman university:

Cafe Antonio at 2F Spanish Heritage Bldg, San Juan cor Sta Catalina St:

At the Bean Connection at Perdices St. I wanna stay forever here:


Cafe Noriter’s coffee shop setup is a winner in my list. But the prices and the staff needs improvement xD

I’ll have a detailed review of some of these next so stay tuned ^_^

*sigh* if every town have pretty coffee places like these, all location independent workers who are coffee shop lovers will be happy.. and it will be real fun in the Philippines! #businessidea ;)