Noodles Galore in Vietnam

Noodles Galore in Vietnam

A couple of weeks ago, my Vietnamese friend who I met 11 years ago in Tagaytay came to visit me and my Aunt in Antique. It is high time for her to visit the Philippines again since I have visited her country 3 times already ^_^.. that’s how I love Vietnamese food :)))

I have blogged about Vietnamese food  and have a few more from our recent Vietnam trip with my mom.

Here’s a parade of different kinds of noodles that we have eaten so you can have an idea of what to eat in Vietnam. Costs around 20,000 – 50,000 VND except for the last picture which costs us 400 000 dong (i think we were ripped off though). Don’t be shocked by the prices, if you convert 20,000 dong, it’s only around 40 php or 1 usd…. :P

Here’s a noodle soup offered in the streets of Vietnam. This is the typical Pho Ga/Bun ga ( chicken noodle)
noodle soup in Vietnam

You think all noodles are the same? I thought so too.. But this one has a different name called Hu tieu. It also has a mix variety of meat in it.
noodle - Vietnam

And we transferred in another hotel and had – noodle soup. I don’t remember what meat it had.. hopefully not dog.
noodle soup - Vietnam

this one was the noodle soup we ate while on tour.  This is called Pho Bo. To be honest, they all taste noodles to me xD.. delicious noodles that is.
noodle in Vietnam

This one is noodles with thick soup and with loads of meat.
noodle with meat - Vietnam

Not all noodles have soup. This is the instant noodles that one of the hotel prepared for us:
instant noodles - Vietnam


Noodles wrapped in rice paper. Locals call this Nem cuon.

noodles wrapped in rice paper - Vietnam

This is delicious, a local delicacy called Bun Cha consisting of grilled pork and noodles. We have actually eaten this on the sidewalk and 2 orders cost around 400,000… dong :)) Yeah I do think we were ripped off.

noodles with meat  - Vietnam

So, there you go. Noodles galore.This gave me the idea that next time I’m gonna feature rice in different colors :))


Anyway for those who wanted to do food tours in Vietnam or in any countries in Asia, please let me know. I can connect you to my friends who can do the tours for you. You will be helping them in their travel funds too. Let’s all look forward to a fairer world, brighter days, and delicious food. :D

10 exotic dishes to try in South East Asia

10 exotic dishes to try in South East Asia

For locals, most of these are ordinary dishes eaten every meal. For travelers and non locals however, these are rare dishes that you can’t eat anywhere else.

If you are the adventurous type that eats anything, you should try these when going on Asia tour packages and visiting the countries that offer exotic food. Be careful though and check that you are not allergic to those dishes so your tummy can take it. It is also wise if you get hepa shots to make sure you get back to your country healthy.

As I said, this is only for those with strong tummies. Eat at your own risk, make sure you have hepa shots, condition your tummy, and lastly, have fun.

Exotic food 1. Balut

For locals, this is a regular snack. Balut is a poor little unborn duckling cooked prematurely for humans. I know I’m guilty of eating this too but I only eat the yellow and white part and not the baby inside.. You can eat this in the Philippines and I discovered last 2008 that you can also eat this in Vietnam. The soup is specially delicious to be honest.




Exotic food 2. Snails

This is very difficult to eat coz you have to break the shells to eat the soft part inside. I remember when I was younger, my neighbour use to eat these kinds of shells from the rice fields but now the land has been developed into industrial zones so no more rice fields, no more snails too.. However, you can still eat these in far flung places in Laguna, Antique and Kalinga in the Philippines

snails and veggies


Exotic food 3. Frogs

The first time I ate this was in China town in Binondo. But you can also eat this exotic food in places such as Antique and Kalinga, Philippines. Taste like chicken with smaller bones.




Exotic food 4. Bugs

Bugs similar to the picture below are headache to farmers in the Philippines specially when they attack coconut trees. However, in Thailand, they solved the problem by eating them… not sure if they are the same species of bugs though.



Exotic food 5. Tamilok worm

They are called woodworms but they are not exactly worms. The slimy thing is extracted from wood.. tastes more like mollusks or oyster.. yummy if you dip it in vinegar. If you’re curious to try it, head over to Palawan, Philippines.



Exotic food 6. Crocodile meat

I tasted this in Palawan too. Kinda expensive but it’s worth a try since you’re there already. Does not have a distinctive taste because the garlic and onions in the dish overpowered it. Sorry no decent picture, but imagine a sisig style dish.

Exotic food 7. Donsol Seaweed

This is actually the poo poo of a seaweed creature called Donsol. Taste like seaweed, I didn’t know they were poo poo until someone told me.. You can find these in local carinderias in Bohol, Philippines. Want to know what it looks like?

Exotic food 8. Sea Urchin

This is very expensive in Japan. But fisherfolks just get them for free in Bohol and in other places in the Philippines where it’s offered. I love the taste when you mix it in vinegar.



Exotic food 9. Rat

I have eaten this in Vietnam and I tried not to puke. Besides we are at an expensive restaurant and I’m treating all my Vietnamese friends in this posh place so I must stay brave. You know the smell of rats? That’s what it tastes like except that it’s sautéed with garlic and served elegantly.



Exotic food 10. Ants

Although ants are regular critters that invades your food in the tropics. I never knew, you can actually mix this ants in your rice as a dish too.. hence my latest discovery.. You can find locals selling Ants in Kalinga province, northern part of the Philippines. The ant eggs have an interesting taste but the adult ants have a psychological effect on me.. I squeal a bit every time I put these critters in my mouth.. I also need to make sure they are all fried dead coz I don’t want them biting my intestines.




I’m off to discover more of these unique dishes around the world, hopefully my tummy won’t give up on me. ^_^

How about you, have you tried an exotic food and would like others to discover it too?

Sustainability: Easter Reflections on growing your own food

“Why wait to die to experience heaven when we can create mini heavens here on earth.”

That quote was a thought years ago. Besides, in the Christian religion, Jesus died to save us, so why are some people still suffering? There are many factors.. but some of these problems have solutions.. it may not be easy at first, or it may require a long time but it can be done.

Easy to say.. In my case.. Easy to write.

The Philippines is a tropical paradise where plants grow 24/7.. It’s not like winter where everything freezes and plants die if they don’t get proper insulation.. well we don’t have winter alright, we just have typhoons and floods xD.. that’s another problem that needs another solution.

Going back to growing your own food, this is a very good example of how a family who lives in a small area can be self sustainable.

Do you know other communities who are self sustainable? Once I start that long journey, I might visit them too.. These are places that are mini heavens and delivers the promise of salvation so that people will not go hungry. Food security then is solved.

Where to eat in Cebu: Not just your ordinary eateries in Cebu

Where to eat in Cebu: Not just your ordinary eateries in Cebu

Lechon is the first thing that comes into mind for many people who visit Cebu. So I will not feature them already.. ^_^

I’ll aim to showcase the authentic (and sometimes underground) local eateries and dishes in the area. So sorry if you are looking for posh places to eat around Cebu, these are for people with strong stomach only ^_^


1. Pungko pungko

I always thought that in the Filipino tradition, we eat food using our bare hands inside the house or in informal gatherings only.. That is why in India and Indonesia, I was surprised when people are eating with their hands even in posh restaurants.. like KFC.

Apparently, I was wrong when I say we only eat with our hands only inside the house. In this part of the country, people do enjoy eating with their hands in public places. Pungko pungko anyone? ^_^

For those interested, there are lots of pungko pungo places in Cebu. But we ate somewhere around Fuente, Juana Osmena street right after Fuente Pension House before HP Diagnostics.

pungko pungko in Cebu

2. Kabayoan

I know I’m trying to be a vegetarian.. in fact, I eat more veggies than meat nowadays. But for the curious who want to try out something different, visit the place below. Although for me, I think that will be the last time I will get to eat a horse. I’d rather have it as a pet than have it for my dinner.

More details at

3. Larsian

Most tourists come here so this place is kinda popular. It’s like a carinderia where all eateries are beside each other. And you can eat with your hands too. Check out their barbecues and their rice wrapped in leaves. For digital nomads, check out the free wifi too.

rice wrapped in leaves
Larsian is located at Fuente Osmena, Cebu City. Here’s my aunt when she first came to Cebu.

larsian in Cebu

4. Part Ebelle

I have eaten Tanigue/Tanguingue or spanish mackerel in this place. It’s kinda awesome for me because the fish servings are big. Visit them at Mabolo Proper Juan Luna Extension, North Reclamation Area

It’s actually walking distance near SM Cebu, check it out if you are near the area.

yellow finn

5. Ekit Food Haus

Ok, to be honest, not sure why the place is very famous, it’s even featured in a newspaper..

ekit food hause in cebu
Ekit food haus is located at Tandang Sora, Kasambagan, Mabolo, Cebu City. From the outside, it looks like just any ordinary house in the street. But once you found yourself inside, there are actually lots of people eating. My cousin says he hangs out with his law schoolmates here.. Order pochero if you fancy. And don’t forget to ask for their version of bagoong.

pochero in Ekit Food Haus, Cebu

So those are interesting eateries that I found in Cebu. Price range for these eateries is very affordable and ranges from 50-100 pesos per person. The catch is that these eateries are not for weaklings errrr I mean, those who are meticulous about their food. Not everyone gets to eat food with sometimes flies around and not get sick after.

Anyway, have you found another interesting authentic culture filled eateries worth visiting? Share them away so I can visit them too next time I’m in Cebu ^_^

Want more? Check out Miss Eat section for more of my foodie finds.

What to eat in Hong Kong

For those celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year!

Sorry this is late posting because for the life of me I felt that the food that I’ve eaten in Hong Kong are very similar to the Chinese food in the Philippines… Example, Pancit, Taho, and Fishballs :D… yes that’s my friend, Enoch, who have visited me in Antique last year and ate all our coconuts and now it’s payback time for him to introduce me to Hong Kong streetfood.

fishball in Hong Kong
Well, there’s a slight difference from Fishballs in Hong Kong because they are not fried in oil but they are boiled instead.. and the sauce is spicy.

I tasted their very spicy noodles, I ate their rice and braised pork, even went as far as tasting their snake soup.. You know what I found? The food that I have tasted are like same same.. I’m such a lousy food blogger :))

hong kong food

But I knew there’s more to Hong Kong food than the usual HK Chinese food that we eat in Chinese restaurants.. I just need to dig in deeper into the culture.. Too bad my friend went to visit when I was about to leave already.. but lo and behold, the universe sent me someone online and she knows the culture very well! On my next visit, I hope Sarah will still be in Hong Kong, would love to hang out with her and see the authentic culture of the place. So what else is there to do and eat in Hong Kong? Check this out:

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