How I earned online Jan-Feb report

How I earned online Jan-Feb report

Last month got me some freebies in terms of accommodations in Indonesia, and meetups of very interesting people is a plus. This month got me some boost in my travel blogging funds, big boost compare to previous months actually… I can now order cake that goes with my coffee, i love you advertisers ^_^

I really look at this blog as just a hobby but I feel its beginning to take shape into more than that.. I’m sure the universe is fed up with me dreaming and doing steps for me to make my dreams a reality. I love you universe ^_^

Ok, without further ado, here’s the breakdown of my blog earnings from January – mid February.

1. Advertisers – $500 + £32

2. Freebies – Free accommodation care of angels in couchsurfing

My readers have boosted up to 2735 with top readers from Philippines, US, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, India, and Malaysia..
Popular topics are: What to do in Tagaytay, What to do in Iloilo, What to do in Bohol, Freebies Philippines, Where to stay in Bohol, Nogas Island, What to do in Davao.

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts. Feel free to ask me what else you needed to know. ^_^

Next Strategies?

I’m also taking steps to be a fairy thru, if you are a sponsor or a marketer, please let me know if i can work with you on promoting your giveaways. You can also contact me to promote your charity events.

I’m still working on the book about volunteering.. I’m really motivating myself to write this one coz I’ve been meeting angels in the form of humans along the road and it will be selfish of me if I dont share the goodness to people. ^_^

I am also experimenting on this new gig of being a mystery shopper.. remember I wanted to be a spy? ;)

I really wish to hear from you if you have any suggestions on how to support to be better. So together, we can grow and fulfill our dream lives… Onwards to a beautiful life. ^_^

Google Analytic Statistics from Jan15 – Feb15, 2013

How I earned online and future strategies

How I earned online and future strategies

I noticed changes for are for the better, this domain started out 10 years ago have evolved again.. and I have to say I’m proud of this baby project.

I would like to thank readers from 144 countries and even if you’re not commenting, at least you have left a trace that you have visited. This made me realize my monologues are worth it! :))

I just wish I can give more to you than my stories. So for starters, I will share with you how I was able to earn online..Maybe you’re reading this because you’re undergoing a similar process in life and would like to earn online too.. So read on, if your blog becomes a success, i do hope you share your wisdom so you can inspire others too ^_^

1. I earned from advertisements. I hope I’m still giving quality content despite the annoying ads and links. ^_^.. Once you’ve got an audience, you’ll be receiving emails on advertising.. I also got some by networking with other travel bloggers and pitching in to PR people. So far it has earned me $438 + £80 + Php220.00

2. Freebies. This is because of invites from other travel bloggers and some are from readers of this site. So far, I got 1 sponsored hotel accommodation in Baguio, 0 base airplane fare to Malaysia, 1 sponsored spa service in Las Pinas, 1 health discount card, and a porcelain tableware from China.

3. Conference invites on the National Disability Forum, and another one was on Biodiversity and Climate Change … And because of that, I was able to stay in posh hotels. I’m really interested in social responsibilities and climate change, that’s why I got myself into NGOs in the first place, so more conference invites please!


So that’s the compilation of my earnings/freebies I got last year because of this blog. To those who made it possible, my biggest thank you ^_^… who knows this year, the earnings will let me travel the world already ;)

The majority of my moolah though, is from my tech work online. I’ve written technical articles, created mini websites and did QA jobs online. Big thanks to my clients in Australia and Thailand.


Next strategies?

I’ll still continue to write, but hopefully get more readers engaged. Any ideas on topics? ;)

I’m trying to write a book on volunteerism and I’m collaborating with other volunteers on this.

I’d like to invest on stocks this year, and create more passive income so I can have more time to devote in my passions and fulfill my lifetime wishlist.

I’d like to hone my technical skills so I can be a truly global worker and charge global rates.. I have to admit, even if I earned Masters and some scholarship during those days, computer technology is ever evolving and what I’ve studied years ago has gone obsolete! Either that, or I have archived it in my brain and cant unzipped it immediately… might be a bad sector xD

I’ve got a few projects in mind. This includes creating a network of homestays coz I’m a fan of living with the locals… and a few more. Hopefully those babies will push thru. So that’s it, I do hope it gave you a glimpsed on what its like to earn money online and what I plan to execute this year.

I wish to also hear from you if you have any suggestions on how to support to be better. So together, we can grow and fulfill our dream lives… Onwards to a beautiful life. ^_^