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How I earned online June Report

This month is overwhelming. Can’t believe I just traveled to Hong Kong and Macau and I need to finish all those blog posts before I move to another country again! Also, I found angels on earth this month. Lots of them scattered around in the form of a jeepney driver who didnt let me pay […]

How I earned online May report

  I was comparing my statistics from this year to last year and notice higher improvements of my blog readers. Thank you for reading, how can I help you? ^_^ I’m happy this month coz blessings has poured in not just in terms of money but all other intangible things that the universe has provided […]

How I earned online April report

This lifestyle travel blog project of mine, is still in the toddler phase of monetizing.. even if the domain has been for around 10 years, It’s all good coz I’m not really a marketing person but when your goal is to be free, you’ll do all sorts of things just to maintain the lifestyle. I’m still […]

How I earned online March report

Sorry this is late posting. Sometimes I dont know whether I should divulge earnings but I wanted to be transparent to my readers and honest about what strategies I am making for grasya.com, that in the end, should inspire trust. And even if some bad elements are reading this, I’m sure I wont be kidnapped […]

How I earned online Jan-Feb report

Last month got me some freebies in terms of accommodations in Indonesia, and meetups of very interesting people is a plus. This month got me some boost in my travel blogging funds, big boost compare to previous months actually… I can now order cake that goes with my coffee, i love you advertisers ^_^ I […]

How I earned online and future strategies

I noticed changes for grasya.com are for the better, this domain started out 10 years ago have evolved again.. and I have to say I’m proud of this baby project. I would like to thank readers from 144 countries and even if you’re not commenting, at least you have left a trace that you have […]

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