10 Shopping Lifehacks in Metro Manila

10 Shopping Lifehacks in Metro Manila

I don’t like traveling to Metro Manila that much.. the traffic and sea of people don’t want me to go there…

However, because I got a client that pays me to manage a nationwide audit of a tech brand, I got the chance to go and travel around Metro Manila. I took advantage of it to observe different classes of society from the super high end where elitists hang out to food tripping in a place where poverty and tokhang activities are “normal”.. the economic gap in Metro Manila is so high between super rich and super poor, yet they still manage to live near each other.

I also gathered a few tips here and there so you won’t feel ripped off afterwards when shopping. The money you save from this lifehack can make you travel further.. or you can pay it forward as you wish.

shangri la

Here they are. Enjoy and feel free to forward to your frugal minimalist friends too.

1. When you’re a small built, try to shop at the kids section. I do this when buying branded posh clothes with the excuse of buying for my nephew or niece but in reality, I’m actually buying for me. The price there is half the price of the adult counterpart.. sometimes you get to save 50% even without the announced discount.

2. Speaking of announced. Sometimes stores doesn’t announce their sales. This is specially applicable in posh stores. They do offer discounts or sales, just don’t be shy to ask. Because if you don’t ask, they won’t tell.

3. Use rewards points from credit cards, SM Advantage, Robinsons rewards cards or any other similar reward cards. I was able to reduce the price of the stuff that I bought because I got some rewards points.

4. If you have a senior citizen or PWD friend, bring them to grocery shop with you and get 20% discount. There was a time when seniors and PWDs are not treated well by society, now I see families bringing their oldies in the Mall.. good behavior change.

5. Take advantage of free makeups at some cosmetic stores… I did this once because the saleslady took pity on my oily skin so she did some charity work on me and gave me free makeup.

6. You think an item is expensive online? If you’re in the boondocks and can’t go to the city immediately, try to ask a friend if it’s more cheaper in her location.. then you can ask her to buy and ship it to you instead.

7. Mystery shopping to get stuff for free. Sometimes I get expensive stuff for free in exchange of being critic to some branded items. It’s fun and you get freebies in return.


8. Bottled water in the restaurant costs 25 pesos, but if you buy in the grocery section of the mall, or even in the vendor outside the Mall, it will only cost 10 php. So tiis ganda until you reach the grocery section, grab the 10 peso water, line up for 15 mins, and hope you still have your senses by the time you finally pay the drink. Sometimes, there are free water in food courts. Better bring your own water bottle to minimize the use of plastics.

9. 1 whole chicken is 160 pesos, 2 pc chicken at a fastfood has the same price. So sometimes, I’d rather buy a whole chicken at the department store then cook it at home.

10. KFC shots is cheaper and sometimes has more meat than 1 pc chicken with rice… not a sponsored post.. Although I wish it is.