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How to avoid travel mishaps

This is an update on how to deal with challenging events when you are travelling. I travel solo most of the times and have encountered all the scenarios below.. but it doesn’t mean I won’t travel again despite all those misfortunes.. the world is too beautiful not to see before our mortal time is up […]

Alternative places to stay when traveling

I used to think traveling to different places is expensive because you have to stay in posh places like hotels. Well, some people really do travel and stay in hotels all day. I was lucky to stay at 5 star hotels on various occasions. This was at Shangri La Hotel in Edsa.   Read this […]

Where to stay and what to do in Phonsavan, Laos

I never had any idea I was close to the most secret place on earth… and I arrived on a friday the 13th! I just came just to see the plain of jars, take a picture, then go home.. But as things unfolded, the heavens planned to scare me too! Aside from scaring myself, there […]

This Grasya is in Laos

Last 2 years ago, I spent 2 hours in Laos when I visited the Golden Triangle while in Thailand.. yes 2 hours only. The 2 hour visit was very interesting though.. coz I get to see exotic wines.. like turtle wine, snake wine, etc.. But now I’ve stayed longer than the usual visa run to […]

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