10 Indonesian food that you need to eat in Indonesia

10 Indonesian food that you need to eat in Indonesia

1. Rendang – Rendang is a really popular dish in Indonesia. Wherever you come to a local restaurant, it’s easy to find this dish. It is cooked with coconut milk and spices so sometimes you will feel it tastes similar with dry curry. Rendang is a kind of spicy meat, normally beef or in some area they cook goat, chicken or liver, which is originally from Minanglabau people that’s why the local people call it Rendang Padang or Rendang Minangkabau.


Image by stu_spivack

2. Tahu – This is one of the famous and popular street food in Indonesia. You can easily see it on the road even in the city or the rural area. The price is so cheap. Local people normally eat it with chili sauce. Tahu street food in Indonesia is really crunchy and spicy, this will be fantastic experience for your first time visit this country.

tahu - indonesia food

Image source: Wiki Internet

3. Bebek Goreng/Fried Duck

One of the fantastic food in Indonesia is Bebek or Fried Duck. The local people normally sell it as street food. One of the most delicious Bebek I ate is opposite with the train station in Jogja. One thing that makes you addicted with this dish is that it’s supper spicy but the taste is so yummy.


Image source: Ben Stephensonon

4. Fried Rice – Fried rice is so popular and typical in Indonesia. This picture is one the the Fried rice with egg and bean. You also can find another kind of fried rice here such as sea food fried rice, vegetable fried rice, chicken fried rice or mixture fried rice which is supper Indonesia that you should try once when you come there.

fried rice

Image source: Caspian blue

5. Oxtail Soup/ Sop Buntut – This is one of the tasty and yummy soup ever in Indonesia which is obviously cooked by oxtail with onion and chili. The oxtail normally is fried or grilled then combined with a tasty soup. This soup is one of the favorite soup in main meal of the day of local people because it is so healthy and hearty.

Oxtail Soup

Image source: Gunkarta

6. Dumplings/ Siomay – This is also one of the best street food in Indonesia that you should try once you get there. Indonesian normally use bean, chili and peanut sauce to create great street food in this world. Indonesia Siomay is combined potato, cabbage, egg and of course peanut sauce, this mixture is supper yummy.


7. Nasi Uduk – If you come to Indonesia in festival season, you will easily see this kind of dish which local people call Nasi Uduk. Rice is so aromatic and the meal around this rice is cooked with coconut milk. Nasi Uduk always serve with fried chicken , soybean cake, shredded omelette, fried onion, anchovies and topped with sambal and emping. This is an Indonesia’s National dish and local people normally eat for lunch.

nasi uduk

8. Satay – If you walk on street and finding some food to eat in Indonesia, this is one of the famous and popular that you will addicted once you eat it. Indonesian has horse satay, lamb satay, chicken satay, pork satay,… You will eat this dish with spicy peanut sauce and if you want to eat with fried rice. This is an Indonesia’s National dish that was conceived by street food vendors and has become one of the most celebrated food in Indonesia.


Image source: christian r

9. Bakso – This is a meatball dish made from beef surimi. This is normally served with a bowl of noodle, vegetables, tahu and eggs. It is similar with Chinese meatball if you first see. This is one popular Indonesia’s street food across the whole country.


Image source: christian r

10. Gudeg – This is a stew made from young jack fruit cook with palm sugar, coconut milk, meat, garlic and supper spices. This is so popular and local people really love to eat this every day. It comes from Yogyakarta and becomes one of the most flavorful food in the world that you should never regret to try once.


Image source: christian razukas

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Where to stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Where to stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

You can find lots of accommodations in Yogyakarta especially along the sidestreets of Malioboro. Although it can really be a challenge if you get to the touristy place at peak season.. and lucky me I did arrive at a time where people are having their holidays.. It was the birthday of their Prophet Mohammed that time.. much like celebrating the birthday of Jesus in Christian countries.

So I thought I’m gonna sleep in one of the benches along Malioboro because the backpacker places were fully packed.. Good thing I found a hotel that costs Rp 125,000.00 , its still expensive coz my friends told me to budget only around Rp 80,000.00
After that, I changed accommodations 3 times, but looking for a place to sleep when you’re really tired is a real pain in the patootie.

So to those who are going to Yogyakarta, since it’s a rather touristy area.. I would advise to reserve a place before you go visit.

My friend recommends a place at his NGO Yakkum Rehabilitation Centre, which we also have visited when I was there.. If I knew the place existed, I should have stayed there instead.

Hastadi, the person connected with the NGO, stated:
“We have guest house and dormitory to rent. For dormitory, the price is Rp. 80.000 each person, and for Guest house about Rp.350.000 per night. but the price can change depend on the condition. If somebody want to rent it, we also have swimming pool. Our place also near Kaliurang tourism place.”

A budget accommodation with a swimming pool is rare nowadays so if I were you, I’d go grab it!

Address: Jalan Kaliurang Km 13.5, Desa Besi, Yogyakara, Indnesia
(62) 0274 895386

PS. This is not a sponsored post, I’m just helping the NGO create some sustainable livelihood ;)

Memories of my travels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Memories of my travels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Here are some snapshots moments of my travels in Jakarta.. they are not significantly touristy but I valued the moments of knowing interesting people and eating interesting foods. I spent most times working online at coffee shops though.. kudos to restaurants and cofee shop’s fast WIFI xD

Ate different kinds of Indonesian foods (I’ll make a separate post on this one) and learned how to make Nasi Goreng.. let me know if you want me to do a cooking experiment with you… But I cant promise you’ll be delighted with the outcome :D

Quick tour in the city. It was great to see parts of Jakarta even for a fleeting moment

Thanks to my great couchsurfing host Anna

Slept at an NGO house and went flood watching. Really! Well.. do you really want to see pictures of floods? xD I’ve met the interesting NGO crew though.. You can learn more about them at their website

There are lots of coffee shops in Gambir train station.. I think it was designed for busy travelers who work on the side while waiting for their train schedule to depart.. I have spent considerable amounts at coffee shops there so I think its the highlight of my Jakarta memories xD

Near Gambir train station has lots of interesting tourists spots.. so if you find yourself bored while waiting, try to roam around the vicinity to find museums, churches, and other places of interest

It is also from Gambir train station where you can find the bus to the airport so you dont have to pay for expensive taxi. That’s my short and sweet post about Jakarta… So what’s your best memory of the city? ^_^

Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I arrived in Yogyakarta.. or Jogjakarta as locals pronounce and spell it, alone.

Everyone I met in Indonesia was raving about the place and highly recommends that I check it out. And so I did. And so I found myself raving about it too.. ^_^

Jogjakarta, or Jogja, as locals pronounce it, is a major tourist destination in Indonesia.. where many Indonesian students come to study and live.

It was a challenge to find an accommodation though. I tried not to couchsurf this time, and I was thinking since its not high season, I wont be having problems looking for a decent place to stay.. Apparently all the budget places are all fully booked and from 11pm to 2am, I find myself wandering in the streets thinking if I’m gonna be sleeping on the benches along Malioboro.

Good thing I found a rather decent one for 125,000.00 IDR… It’s still expensive as compare to what my friends told me which is around 50,000.00 to 75,000.00, but I dont want to challenge my frugality at the wee hours in the morning. I grabbed the deal and slept till 3pm

And then I slept in 3 different accommodations after that xD.. Detailed story to follow..

Although that’s not the main core of the adventure I had in Jogjakarta. The best is yet to come.

Jeff, an Indonesian returned VSO Volunteer is also touring the place with his Tajik friend Shuhrat.. so they have invited me to join in their travels. Here’s what we did that you can do to:

1. Visited the Borobodur Temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world.. it was interesting to note that our Tajik friend was swarmed by young Muslim women who wants to take a picture of him! Ah the joys of being a Bule (Bule means a white person.. Tajiks, even if they are from Central Asia, looks more Caucasian than typical Asian).. will upload that video soon heee heee ^_^

2. Visited the Prambanan Temple. This and Borobodur Temples makes me feel like I’m in Angkor Wat, Cambodia.. even the architecture and the stone carvings are very similar..


3. Visit the Sultan’s Palace and was awed at the culture and life of a Sultan.. I met a king when I was in India,and this king was just wearing regular jeans and shirt.. I havent met the Sultan but I think he still wears traditional dress coz all the guards in the area are wearing traditional dress, therefore, I assume he wears his robes too.

4. Visited Jeff’s friends at a local NGO. Pusat Rehabilitasi YAKKUM is a non government Indonesia organisation concerned with the rehabilitation of children and young adults who are physically disabled. The organization aims to assist PWDs (persons with disabilities) in any way which will enable them to become independent, both physically and economically. For support, you may want to visit the website or visit their address at

Jalan Kaliurang Km 13.5, Desa Besi, Yogyakara, Indnesia

5. Rode the 4×4 to Mt Merapi and saw remnants of the volcanic eruption.. including this skull:


and we visited a Museum which displays all the melted stuff brought by the ravage of the volcanic eruption


The temperature in the mountain is cold even if in Jogja town its hot.. so bring a jacket and umbrella just in case it rains. View is magnificent along the way too.. those bald trees must be the remnants of the eruption too.. at least they are still standing.. looks like the mountain’s got some standing hair strands


6. Drank the most expensive coffee. Costs 7.5 dollars xD.. I know I’m not wise to do this but its my last day and this lady whom I just met offered to pay via her credit card which will in turn get me a discount.. so I just paid only around 5 dollars.. but I did had a good company and a new friend thru this lady ^_^

For those who wants to drink coffee luwak at a much cheaper price, I saw one in the many coffee shops around Cihampelas mall in Bandung for only 35000.00, that’s only around 3.5 dollars


7. Food trip and (window) shopping. Too bad my shopping wallet was lost somewhere in Bandung (my fault for being clumsy) so never had the chance to do some shopping so I just feasted my eyes on stuff.. its okay coz my wanderlust has been more than filled and its enough to make myself happy for many many months ^_^

The guys Jeff and Shuhrat sponsored most of the tour so even if my accommodations were an extra challenge, the tour itself was very memorable.. most specially that I made new friends from Indonesia and Tajikistan.. Thank you gentlemen ^_^


PS. And because they were my angel during my travels, if you are in Bali, kindly visit Jeff’s restaurant and pretty please give some good karma back ^_^

Warung Warung restaurant. Bali Galeria Mall, Jl. By pass ngurah rai, simpang dewa ruci. 1st floor. Bali Indonesia


What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, the Paris of Java, the flower city of Indonesia.

Indonesia is more than Bali or Jakarta. Try to visit Bandung for a change. The place has given me more ways than one to be happy and grateful. Mother Earth must be proud.

Here’s what I did that you can also check out once you visit the beautiful city.

Food trip. I visited quite a few restaurants and ate different kinds of food, my most favorite is gado gado coz it’s the only one that I can recall xD…

 But you should try other foods too. I’ll try to identify them all and make a separate post.
Nature tripping. I need not go to the komodo island due to schedule constraint, but still saw a komodo dragon in the zoo. Mission accomplish already :D

You can also see monkeys in the wild. This one I saw when I visited the waterfalls

And speaking of waterfalls. Isnt she lovely?

You should see these very cute waterfalls when you eat at Kampung Daun restaurant.

And you can also see rice terraces if you go off the beaten path.


Visit Religious buildings. I visited the mosque. I should have come up to that tower but it was broken when I got there :(… I’m impressed that weary travelers can rest in the mosque, which is really a very good deed of helping the brethren in need. Way to go my Muslim brothers and sisters.

I also visited the Church and went to mass after.


Shopping and coffee shops. There are lots of shops in Bandung. And malls are impressive too. Reminds me of the artistry I saw in Chiang Mai.. I am working online while traveling so I have spent considerable amounts in coffee shops and restaurants with free WIFI. I’m thankful there are several that offers fast WIFI. Digital nomads will be happy traveling in this part of Indonesia.

and I told you there are similar words in Filipino and Bahasa Indonesia, Talaga ^_^:



Be awed at the creative city. Even beggars will make sure you get value for your money ^_^

Credit of the picture above goes to Jeff Kristianto Iskandarsyah

There’s also a volcano that is similar to Mt Bromo but I wasn’t able to go. There are lots of volcanoes in the Philippines already.. so I think its okay to miss that one xD

How to get there?

Bandung is 4 hours away from Jakarta via train. Ticket costs around 50000 rupiah which is about 5 dollars. And the view is great, you should be ready with your camera.

I spent an average of 15 – 20 dollars per day. I didnt have to pay for accomodation because community of couchsurfers and my great fairy god brother Fred made my life and journey in Indonesia a great experience. I lived like a local in Bandung, I was in the company of angels on earth. Life indeed is beautiful.