So you want to work online and have a travel lifestyle? Read on.

So you want to work online and have a travel lifestyle? Read on.

I sipped my iced coffee in a coffee shop somewhere in Palawan while having this view as a live wallpaper. Oh what a wonderful life you must have thought..



Then the phone rings, after that, there’s a skype notification from another client that asks if we can talk.. after that, there’s a report I need to write..

Then there’s another call.. then email.. then chat..

Time flies (or fries) and I get my task finished and my brain exhausted, hardly having the time to look and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Oh yeah, I forgot I have a website project to build too..

I must be proud to have this multitasking ability and mimicking that Hindu God with several hands.. but when I glimpse into those tourists who do nothing but leisurely chitchat, I actually feel more envy at the same time.

So yeah dear friends, this is my lifestyle where I travel and bring online work with me. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies but I chose this way of life, and despite the downs, it’s still great to be able to take control of your life. And I’m still grateful.

For those who wants to embark on a similar travel lifestyle, here’s more rants.. not to discourage you but instead to paint the reality that at some point in your online career, a similar situation might happen to you.. so you should find a countermeasure of how to solve discomforts head on.

Here’s some points to ponder if you want to work online and have a travel lifestyle:

1. Most people will always wonder how you’re able to spend, travel around HongkongThailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc and stay in hotels.. Here’s me in Indonesia:

working online

Most people still think that to have work is to go to an office or have a boss. Otherwise, they’ll think you’re just lazy, have a rich boyfriend, or you are selling your body online. And it’s such a difficult effort to explain. The struggle is real.


2. If you work online, you can do work in whatever time you feel like it. True if you get a client that allows flexible time. Also flexi time means working at midnights, weekends, holidays too :D.. ok so you still want to work online? This was taken in a hotel when me and my mom was traveling to Thailand.. i think you’ll know where my part of the bed is.

temporary office in the hotel


3. Working online means you’re always online and you will love it. But you will always be online until you hate it. This picture was taken by my Colombian friend Maria.. sums up my online journey xD

reality online work


4. If you chose to work at home, you can have the time to be close to family. At some point, you’ll even bring your work to the mall, to the beach, do client chats while eating dinner, and taking point number 1, some people will have a hard time thinking that you’re actually working while eating.

Here’s my temporary office in Laos:


5. There is no security of tenure, and add to that you’ll get to pay for own tax, health insurance, etc.. unless you hire an admin staff to do this for you..

Well never mind the hassles. If you don’t like to be confined in the same box every working day, if you love creativity, if you love doing what you do, why settle for security of tenure if working from anywhere and be whatever you want makes you happy? Possibilities are indeed endless.. This was a temporary office.

temporary hotel office

When I was doing the 9-5 job, I still felt vulnerable to lay offs, so what is there to loose if my current work doesn’t really feel like work? ^_^



As a personal experience, I’m keeping track of this lifestyle redesign at my Miss Chief section, and the achievements are way beyond my expectations after I left the cubicle.. It’s a roller coaster ride but I’m happy and grateful.

In the future, I will need to reduce my online working hours because I love my offline moments too.. Increasing passive income streams and doing offline projects is a goal as well… let’s see what the future holds ^_^

Project Updates and plotting another long term travel

I’m not traveling at the moment.. coz I’m working hard and hustling harder. I’m preparing for another long term travel… but before that, I must make sure that once I start to travel again, our house will not get robbed, my bank will not hold my money, and people will not pop out of the blue to borrow money… then disappear when I’m on the side of the coin of being distressed *sigh*

Ok, enough negative thoughts :)))

Let’s get back to business. I’m really determined to get these baby projects to work. I think I’m diversifying too much but only thru that way I’ll be able to know which work and which does not work earlier than focusing on just one project at a time. Thank you to kind souls who have been supporting me, my sincerest gratitude to you. Please don’t make me go back and be that lady wearing high heeled branded shoes on that high rise building of a corporate company, I’m trying my best to suppressed my horns :D.. although to be honest, sometimes I miss those high heeled days.. just the dressing up, not the corporate politics :))

I still prefer to work in coffee shops, thank you.




Enough blah, here’s the updates, if you are reading this and would like to support my sustainable lifestyle goals, please let me know how we can collaborate:

1. and – All the earnings from the site are allotted for my travel funds so I can explore more homestays, stay with tribes, do community projects, create a beautiful life.

Top relevant searches for this site:
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Top searchers are from the Philippines, United States, India, United Arab Emirates, Australia

2. Tech projects – Once upon a time, I was paid to break database softwares but I got busy with other projects I lost this client. I will have to find clients who will pay me to break their stuff.. yes there are clients like that. I need to polish my geeky brain too to provide solutions to sites and softwares that I break. But first, i need a new laptop and a high speed internet.

3. Errand to go – The latest gig was a bunch of translation and transcription projects where I get to delegate tasks to freelancers in different parts of the Philippines. Can’t wait to get the payment so I can roll this in for more projects.

4. Mystery shopping – As a Philippines coordinator, it’s fun to work with elitists, managers and CEOs on this mystery shopping gig. It’s a good feeling when people are getting paid to window shop.. It brings me anxiety too because sometimes we have payment issues from my steady client.. This gig actually takes up a lot of time but I need to find a way to work smarter at this gig so i can focus on other projects…

5. Rental properties – I’m helping my friends rent their beautiful houses in the Philippines and Thailand. So far, a French lady went to the Tboli tribe homestay in South Cotabato and a Japanese guy went to the homestay in Leyte. Lately, I’ve added two beautiful homestay in Thailand. Ironically, I’m still preparing the homestay in Antique despite several foreign visitors who visited the place already because I have to wrestle with my clan’s belief that if you get rid of mickey/minnie mouse, they will wreck havoc in the house and eat your clothes.. traditions are crazy sometimes.

6. Online loading – I once gave this project to my niece, and it didn’t work. I transferred the project to my neighbour for her self sustainable livelihood, now she is ignoring me when I ask updates about the project.. obviously didn’t work. Need to collaborate with other people who will not ignore me once they get funding.


Non Monetary Revenue

I was able to travel with my mom last June in Thailand and Vietnam and most of the hotels were free courtesy of sponsors.. thank you so much <3

My other income streams that are not yet earning are my self sustainability site, online store where I promote paintings and other artworks of my friends and my online book store via Amazon.

I’ve come a long way.. and I still have a lot more to do.. It’s tiring sometimes but I’m hopeful. Ok.. now.. while I hustle, please bear with me.. Let’s look forward to brighter days.

Oh I forgot to mention my micro projects at… i know i’m working toooOooo much, I deserve a round the world travel holiday ;)

Earnings report temporarily halted

Earnings report temporarily halted

And I thought I could save for a long trip in early July which I’m currently in right now.. but family expenses and emergencies always finds ways to drain my savings… Plus my cousin says our house got robbed are not very good news.

And this makes me want to not report my earnings anymore.. I really wanted to inspire people to follow their dreams and I live simply and frugally just to travel.. I don’t smoke, drink, rarely go to parties, and I live in the mountains, etc… just to save so I can travel.

But emergencies and robberies are not good omens really.. who knows what will happen next..

I’m getting horrible thoughts already @_@

Although I am inspired that other bloggers are all the way out declaring to the world how and what they are doing to live their dreams so others can get inspired too.. to think that one lives in Africa..

I’m a believer of Ubuntu and its also not right that I’m the only one benefiting from what I’m doing so I’m sharing my thoughts.. but if even if I’m trying to do good, I still get bad results after.. something is really wrong.. or maybe I’m not doing it right.

Yeah it could be my fault that instead of motivating them to follow what I’m doing, I have created a motivation to rob our house XD… I’m such a bad person.

Such a shame really, I wanted to tell people how I earn but I fear getting robbed or kidnapped.. Besides, I’m telling my earnings so people can at least do similar activities that can also fulfill dreams.. I cant really say I’m an expert and I still have a lot to learn since this is not a stable earning strategy.. For now, please bear with me, I’m frustrated too.

For those who still wants me to reveal my earning strategies, kindly email me at



How I earned online June Report

How I earned online June Report

This month is overwhelming. Can’t believe I just traveled to Hong Kong and Macau and I need to finish all those blog posts before I move to another country again!

Also, I found angels on earth this month. Lots of them scattered around in the form of a jeepney driver who didnt let me pay the fare, to a Singaporean fundraiser who risk getting dengue just to visit the tribe in my province, to strangers who have offered their home to me. I do wish I’m giving back as much as I’m receiving.

So here’s the report:

Advertisers: I earned $1191.83 thru sponsored and guest posts. There are showbiz personalities who are paid millions to just smile for a commercial.. so distributing these advertising money to ordinary people documenting their real lives is just so awesome! Thank you advertisers, I now have funds to replace my rickety old laptop.

Freebies: I’ve got a free accommodation in my last stay in HK, yay! I also got a free chinaware tea set given by my host. yay! And my host in return, was given a wee gift from me and a home cooked Filipino snack called Turon, yay! ^_^

Events: A fundraiser from Singapore visited this far flung province to do some ocular inspection and to do feeding program for the kids of the Ati Tribe Community. See details of the Ati visit at



P2000 was donated to the Tiboli Tribe in Lake Sebu

P2500 was given to the Ati Tribe, part of the funds courtesy of Mono Asia, a fundraiser from Singapore

Challenges: I’m still waiting for the updated pictures from Lake Sebu and the last book drive in Antique.. kinda raises a red flag for me. But I trust. It’s also a lesson learned for me to make sure I’m present to see the goods are delivered to the beneficiaries.



OK. Now this earning reports is not aimed to make readers jealous. If you are then please don’t. This should create a spark for you to create your own blog too. I humbly ask your opinion how I can do better. Also, there are thousands of blogs out there competing for the same advertising space so I am sure this type of earning is not sustainable in the future.

That is why I have other income streams. I still do quality assurance work for a database company, and I do mystery shopping gigs.

I plan to sell orchids and some produce of our farm once it is ready too. If you want me to advertise your product let me know.

I’m gearing up to travel, as far as possible, who knows. ^_^ And seize the opportunity to create a beautiful life not just for me but for everybody.

How I earned online May report

How I earned online May report


I was comparing my statistics from this year to last year and notice higher improvements of my blog readers. Thank you for reading, how can I help you? ^_^

I’m happy this month coz blessings has poured in not just in terms of money but all other intangible things that the universe has provided me generously. I’m just a speck of dust like anyone else but this speck of dust is shining.. maybe not yet a diamond.. but who knows what the future holds ;)

So let’s start counting blessings!


Advertisers: 250$ yay! I’m back in business. I’m still waiting for some on queue but I’m not counting on eggs till it hatches.

Freebies: A posh star hotel contacted me but its in Indonesia.. just when I’m back in the country. Anyone there who wants to work with the hotel, let me know so I can forward to you the contact. I already got the product from clearly filtered water which will save me 800+ bottled water and will save Mother Earth too!

Events: It’s a quiet and peaceful month. Love it! ^_^



Donations: 5,000.00 pesos was given by Project Ten for projects in Antique. Upcoming on queu is the project in S. Cotabato.


This year, I was featured in 1 online magazine, 1 e-news and 1 blog for volunteering activities. I hope the outcome should help the organizations I’m supporting coz it’s not really just about me.. I’m not that narcissistic! :P

As for earnings, I don’t focus my effort on this blog alone coz I also have baby projects. For one, is already reaping benefits in terms of fund raising and I’m grateful! I also did some mystery shopping for an elite brand in Makati and Ortigas, I think I fired one pretty sales lady with a bad attitude.. or hopefully she was just sent to courtesy training school.

Plus did I mention I’m paid to break database applications? If you need a database for your establishment or organization, let me know. 

So yeah, those are diverse weird jobs I’m taking and not to mention I’m enjoying. ^_^

And in terms of skills sharing, I’ve started training my niece to have her own business thru cellphone load so she can have the option to be a young entrepreneur and she got her first client from London already (c/o a cousin lol)

If you’re undergoing a stage in your life where you’re in that great big transition, you can monitor my blog posts and see if its best for you. You can also email me if you have questions..  I cant promise to be the expert in these ever changing world but I can at least reach out to friends that can help too.

That’s it for now. I’m really looking forward to reap good karma once I get to travel in Hongkong and Macau this month… and then to Vietnam and who knows where starting July.

For now, I say thank you Lord/Buddha/Ganesh/Allah/Universe.. you have been good. Can you pretty please stay that way forever? ^_^