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10 Kinds of Food to Eat when in Colombia

Colombia is known for its coffee, emeralds, football and even its beautiful women, but this country has way more to offer than just that. How much do you know about its cuisine, for example? Here are some dishes that are worth mentioning, and definitively worth trying, while you are in this beautiful country. 1. Empanadas […]

Top destinations for a budget beach holiday this summer

If you adore beach holidays, even if your wallet isn’t always so keen, you can still get some amazing bargains depending on where you choose to go, as well as the transport you pick. So, if you’re like me and want a break without the huge price tag, read on for some handy tips on […]

6 Ways to Make Your Mobile More Secure

Mobile devices are frequently becoming the target of scams and malware attacks. What does this mean though? Well, let me just put it this way. Being a victim of a malware attack basically allows a stranger direct access to all of your data, contact information, as well as messages (possibly your emails too) without you […]

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