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Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit – Presentation Excerpts part 3

Last part of the excerpts.. Hope you didn’t sleep while reading it! ^_^ I do hope people got the chance to attend the forum, well, at least here I’m providing the information for the benefit of everyone . For those who are interested to consult with mediators in their field, feel free to let me know so […]

Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit – Presentation Excerpts part 2

This is the second part of excerpts taken from the collection of documents that was submitted to me by Anna Malindog, the organizer of Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit held last December 2013. I’m seriously interested in the topics presented so I can translate technical knowledge into simplier concepts for general readers to apply in […]

Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit – Presentation Excerpts part 1

Last December, I attended a gathering of Mediators from all over the world. Among experts, I looked like a curious mosquito.. I felt privileged to mingle with these people as they discuss ideas to alleviate conflicts and disputes in society whether in the field of education, medicine, law or even conflicts in the family. I’m […]

WordPress Theme review: The Morning After by Woo Themes

Every year I choose a different layout for my websites. The reason behind this is because I was focus on content creation for my sites and breaking apps for my other online gigs that I almost have forgotten the back end technical maintenance which is an equal important skill. So I do this regularly so […]

Asia Pacific Mediation Summit – side conversations

Since I wasnt able to go back to Thailand, I was thinking of ways to at least make my stay in Luzon fruitful. I have decided to invest in knowledge and attended the forum last Dec 9-11, 2013 instead. It was a blessing in disguise actually. Instead of me going abroad to meet people, these […]

Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking

While I travel, I read books so I can do something during idle times.. I read most of my books on bus/train/plain rides or at coffee shop if it happens to not have WIFI. Blink is my latest read.. to be honest I never had the chance to complete reading the book and I have […]

Earnings report temporarily halted

And I thought I could save for a long trip in early July which I’m currently in right now.. but family expenses and emergencies always finds ways to drain my savings… Plus my cousin says our house got robbed are not very good news. And this makes me want to not report my earnings anymore.. […]

How I earned online June Report

This month is overwhelming. Can’t believe I just traveled to Hong Kong and Macau and I need to finish all those blog posts before I move to another country again! Also, I found angels on earth this month. Lots of them scattered around in the form of a jeepney driver who didnt let me pay […]

Technology Ideas that help increase productivity and business efficiency

 I have major makeovers in my life lately. One major milestone is I became location independent and as long as there is internet location, I can work and earn online. I’m juggling different roles with different online projects. And I’m thankful for technology because it has allowed this kind of life that I initially thought […]

6th Asia Pacific Mediation Summit: Mediation in a Globalizing World

      Dear Friends and Colleagues, Greetings! On behalf of the committee responsible for convening the 2013 Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Summit – the Political Science Department of De La Salle University, in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Mediation Forum Executive Committee – it is my pleasure to announce and to invite you to […]

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