How to protect your bank accounts online and offline

Evils are there out to get your money. Burglars have become tech savvy that they don’t need to rob your house. In a click of a mouse, wrong move will make you say goodbye to your earnings. How do we protect ourselves from this? Let’s cut the chase and go direct to the point:

1. Make sure you protect your gadgets from virus/malwares/spywares. These are computer programs created to steal so how do we prevent this? Make sure you have an updated antivirus/anti malware/anti spyware. These anti theft softwares can diagnose whether there’s malicous programs running in your computer. Makes you sleep peacefully at night.. but wait, don’t be overly contented yet.

2. Regularly change passwords. Spywares can monitor your behavior online and can even know the account passwords you have entered in different websites. And even if you don’t have a spyware, websites where you input personal information can be target of hackers and they can download your profile together with your account passwords.

Actually, even if there’s no spywares in your gadget, anyone who knows your personal information and password can be malicious enough to steal your identity and access your account while pretending to be you.

It is best to regularly change your passwords so hackers won’t get the chance to enter into your personal accounts with their current password info from you because you have changed them already.

3. When buying online, make sure you buy from a trusted source. Yep, for those so called savvy people who love to shop online because too lazy or senior citizens who are too old to go to the Malls are main targets. A website that makes you buy something might not be safe and might be vulnerable to hackers. Make sure the ecommerce website has good online reviews before giving your credit card or paypal credentials.

4. When withdrawing, make sure the ATM does not have a skimming device. Skimming devices are attached to ATMs to capture your card details like account number and password. You can view this video to know more about it.. Also, skimming devices doesn’t happen in ATMs too.. there are devices in supermarkets that captures your credit card information too.. So make sure you shop at legitimate stores just to be on the safe side.

video courtesy of Ben Tedesco

5. When you think there’s suspected illegal activities in your account, contact your bank immediately so they can advise you on the necessary steps to protect your money online and offline.

It’s always good to be vigilant. Hope this helps you out to protect yourself and your hard earned cash.. Any suggestions that you think should be added in what I’ve mentioned?

How to make your wordpress site mobile friendly

How to make your wordpress site mobile friendly

A few months ago, google annouced that a website should be mobile friendly if they want a better rank in search engines. This makes a lot of website owners anxious specially those whose businesses depends on how many people are visiting their website.

Test if your website is mobile friendly here.

mobile friendly version

If your website appears to have problems, a quick solution could be to download a plugin that automatically adds a simple and elegant mobile theme for mobile visitors to your WordPress website. I used wptouch and it worked perfectly.

Hope it works well for you too.

Tech: What to do when you can’t connect to Filezilla FTP after update

Tech: What to do when you can’t connect to Filezilla FTP after update

I have to regularly backup websites for one of my gigs. For backing up content, I use Filezilla FTP to connect to the web server and then download the content from there to my laptop.

And like any other software tools, version upgrades are supposed to enhance user experience but more often than not, ended up as a pain in the ass. Note to developers, why fix a software when it’s not broken huh?? :P

So for those who are using Filezilla FTP and have encountered errors after version update similar to this:

Status: Resolving address of cgunx201
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Status: Initializing TLS…
Error: GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received.
Error: Could not connect to server
Status: Waiting to retry…
Status: Resolving address of cgunx201
Status: Connecting to…
Status: Connection established, waiting for welcome message…
Response: 220 cgunx201 FTP server (Version 4.2 Mon Dec 3 12:04:40 CST 2012) ready.
Command: AUTH TLS
Response: 234 Using authentication type TLSv1
Status: Initializing TLS…
Error: GnuTLS error -15: An unexpected TLS packet was received.
Error: Could not connect to server

Here’s a fix that can solve the problem:

Start FileZilla.
On the File menu, click Site Manager.
Under Select Entry, click the site.
On the General tab, in the Encryption list box, select Only use plain FTP (insecure).
Click OK.

filezilla ftp

Well, hope that resolves the problem for us users. There might be underlying security issues because of the chosen option FTP (insecure), guess there is a need for another update to fix this issue dear people working for Filezilla.

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How to install wordpress on your local computer

I am updating this article because there were minor changes in the steps due to version upgrades. Feel free to let me know if you have other questions.

What you need:

1. WordPress installer:

2. XAMP installer:;1

Step by step guide:

1. Download and install xampp in your computer. Choose your C drive as root directory for installation.

2. Start the apache and mysql services. Keep the window open.


**For those who are experiencing problems because of port 80, it might be that Skype is using the same port. Open Skype and go to Tools-> Options -> Advance -> Connection and uncheck Use Port 80 checkbox.
*** If it is still not working, if you are using Windows 8, go to command prompt and type in services.msc and find World Wide Web Publishing Service and stop it.

3. Open your browser and type http://localhost/.

4. Create a MySQL database in phpMyAdmin. Locate the Database tab and Create New Database fields. Enter the name of the database and choose utf8_unicode_ci in the drop down box. Then click Create.


5. Download and extract wordpress files in this location-> C:\xampplite\htdocs
Make sure all the wordpress contents are in c:xampplite\htdocs\wordpress folder. You can rename the wordpress folder into whatever name you like

However, if your “wordpress” folder is inside a “wordpress [version]” subfolder, then you should take it out of that folder and put it directly in the htdocs folder

6. In your browser, enter this url: http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php

7. Click Create a configuration file button, then click Let’s go button

8. Then type in details of your database, if the name of your database is wordpress, then just copy the details below:

Database Name: wordpress
User Name: root
Database Host: localhost
Table Prefix: wp_

After you click on submit, you must choose a username, password, and website title on this page.

9. Click next until you’ve got a freshly installed wordpress.

**thanks to Brandon Macdonald for helping me out polish the guide

Plugin Review: Hotspots Analytics

Plugin Review: Hotspots Analytics

Even if google analytics does a good job of monitoring my keywords and other metrics, installing this plugin allows me to see what my readers are clicking in my site.

heat maps
I have observed that readers are clicking more on the right side of the screen, specially the Miss Eat section.. does this mean my readers love to eat than travel? Interesting. I would never know that if I didn’t install the heat map ^_^

Well its either that or I need to redesign my site to make it more effective to my readers. Any suggestions on how to improve? ^_^

Feel free to download the plugin at