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How to protect your bank accounts online and offline

Evils are there out to get your money. Burglars have become tech savvy that they don’t need to rob your house. In a click of a mouse, wrong move will make you say goodbye to your earnings. How do we protect ourselves from this? Let’s cut the chase and go direct to the point: 1. […]

How to make your wordpress site mobile friendly

A few months ago, google annouced that a website should be mobile friendly if they want a better rank in search engines. This makes a lot of website owners anxious specially those whose businesses depends on how many people are visiting their website. Test if your website is mobile friendly here. If your website appears […]

Tech: What to do when you can’t connect to Filezilla FTP after update

I have to regularly backup websites for one of my gigs. For backing up content, I use Filezilla FTP to connect to the web server and then download the content from there to my laptop. And like any other software tools, version upgrades are supposed to enhance user experience but more often than not, ended […]

How to install wordpress on your local computer

I am updating this article because there were minor changes in the steps due to version upgrades. Feel free to let me know if you have other questions. What you need: 1. WordPress installer: http://wordpress.org/ 2. XAMP installer: http://download.cnet.com/XAMPP/3000-10248_4-10703782.html?tag=mncol;1 Step by step guide: 1. Download and install xampp in your computer. Choose your C drive […]

Plugin Review: Hotspots Analytics

Even if google analytics does a good job of monitoring my keywords and other metrics, installing this plugin allows me to see what my readers are clicking in my site. I have observed that readers are clicking more on the right side of the screen, specially the Miss Eat section.. does this mean my readers […]

Book Review: What is Mine is Yours

I read this book while sharing a condominium in Malaysia with 3 other ladies from Estonia, Uruguay, and US.. thank you to our foster Uncle Eric Lim. It’s a great book, that is why I’m sharing it with you.. Collaborative consumption is a new movement in our society.. and with couchsurfing and other collaborative exchanges, […]

Book Review: Progressive Utilization Theory: Prout – An Economic Solution to Poverty in The Third World

PROUT is characterized as a model of social development… which advocates a ‘small is beautiful’ approach to society. I saw this book about PROUT when I was in a remote town called Hetauda, Nepal. I was living with kids in a children’s home that is also in the same location of their school. Living together means […]

Book Review: Karma Cola by Gita Mehta

This book is kinda cynical… which makes it a bit interesting. It can be a product of the author’s mind, but it seems as if she’s recounting real facts. During my travels around Nepal or India, I encounter hippie and barefoot travelers whose traveling to these areas in search of spiritual or any kind of […]

Book Excerpts and Review: Exploring Psychology

Exploring Psychology is a thick book that I brought from my home to Chiang Mai last 2010… I think it was my brother’s book but I gave it away to a community and hopefully they get to use it. But before giving it away, I made sure to copy some snapshots that I found important […]

How to copy or import your blog from Blogger to WordPress

If you have finally considered having a wordpress self hosted website and wants to transfer your Blogger blog to WordPress, the process is kinda easy. 1. Go to your WordPress dashboard 2. Go to tools -> import 3. Choose blogger 4. Sign in your blogger account 5. Click import button After a series of steps, […]

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