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Frugal Tips Series on the Road #7

This pretty girl does not really have a frugal tip because she travels for free… Why? Because she works in a ship and travel is part of her work, isn’t it great? ^_^ You might be thinking of work where she sails around the Baltic seas, explore islands off the UK’s coasts, or gaze at […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #17 – Interview with Shirine Taylor

While I pat myself on the back for surviving Nepal at $10/day, and Malaysia at $15/day, I can’t believe someone is actually traveling at $5/day.. This young lady has got me impressed! And guess what, she is from the West! ^_^ Read more about Shirine’s travel lifestyle: Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #16

I call him kuya Freddie bear because of his teddy bear size ^_^… although i think his weight decreased a bit because of his stint in Africa as a VSO Volunteer. He is such a life of the party, and everybody loves him because of his jolly big heart. I would never have known interesting […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #15

Once upon a time, I never thought people can reach me in the middle of nowhere in that small island called Panglao, Bohol. Then Enrique came… We hang out a bit, cooked together, ate sea urchin, chitchat about each other’s lives..  and then he moved on and traveled to Boracay and other parts of the […]

Free stuff I have discovered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very expensive place to travel for many people (that includes me) . But if you plan it right, you may find freebies that not many knew. And because sharing is caring, here’s what I’ve discovered.. Freebies means more freedom to travel in other places so hopefully you’ll find this post useful: […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #14

My life has become a bit boring with the routine of traveling to and from supermarkets lately.. Yeah I’ve transferred into another island, thank you to my large family clan.. but this person transfers from one country to another.. so while I wait for my trip to Hong Kong on a couple of days.. I […]

Frugal Travel Tips Series #13

Anfernee Chansamooth is one of my tech geek friends who is also a life coach. We met randomly in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai and we’ve been FB friends since :D He gives me tips and tricks every now and then.. but what really interest me is his traveling style.. that’s the reason why […]

How to prepare for a long travel journey

I bought tickets yesterday. I’m going out of the country again!! ^_^ (insert clapping and happy dance here) First part will be me traveling solo (although from my solo trips, I’ve always met road angels so lets see what will happen this time) Second part will be me traveling with mum! Yeah excited and anxious […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #12

While I prepare to have a long journey out of the country, I admire people like Mies who have traveled around the world many times yet despite that, still maintains a humble personality.   I met Mies Heerma a couple of years ago in Thailand and have met her again when she went to the […]

Frugal Travel Tips Series on the Road #11

Mehmet Ali Özçobanlar Hadjidakis, or Mehmet, is an addition to my collection… of people I interview on Frugal Tips Series  :)) I met him last year together with DJ Yabis whom I also interviewed for Frugal Travel Tips and his partner Michael when they visited Bohol. I get jealous of his travels in Europe and […]

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