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Move to Paradise – a must read for city dwellers

I have lived in different far flung rural areas in the Palawan, Bohol, Antique, Laguna in the Philippines. Aside from that I also lived 5 months in rural Kolkata in India, and a few weeks in Bhakatapur and Heutuda in Nepal, and a few days in far flung rural Laos. I don’t just travel and […]

10 Travel tips if you are going to El Nido, Palawan

Beautiful pristine waters, grand rock formations, beautiful people.. El Nido, Palawan is beautiful alright. And you think to see that beauty is an easy journey? Well not for some. There are still visitors who came unprepared for the challenge of being in this paradise.. Going to El Nido, Palawan may not be an easy tick in […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #19 – Interview with Juanito Estrada

There are people who go to different countries for a very long time. Some are long term travelers, who hop from one country to another. Some go to different countries for a purpose. Such as Juanito Estrada. I have not met him yet but I’m amazed at how he survived far flung areas in Africa […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #18 – Interview with Inga Ines

While I’m in a limbo state of trying to figure out where to go next, trying to fund travels, and still warming to the cosiness of home, I’m in the mood of discovering people who are living their dreams.. I am envious but at the same time, motivated to continue what I love to do best.. to […]

Surviving Tokyo on a budget

A few days ago, a Japanese guy went to visit a homestay in Leyte. Thank you Kensuke for having fun in the Philippines. Now, I have not been to Japan yet.. although I see many people in my friend’s list have been there or is planning to go, thanks to the easing of visa applications. […]

Tips and observations when traveling with elderly people

Finally, my mother, a senior citizen, was able to travel out of the country last month. We did not do many activities since we don’t want her to be too tired as it’s normal for elders but we still managed to travel and visited different places in 2 countries. We traveled to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, […]

10 things you need to bring for long term travels

When I lived and traveled in India for 7 months, I only had 1 big luggage bag and a backpack. Half of the bag was food because I know it will take some time adjusting to the spicy food of the country. Same thing happened when I lived and traveled in Thailand. But then when […]

5 Palawan Budget Tips: The world’s best island on $23 a day

Palawan is the world’s best island. That’s what posh travel magazines such as Travel and Leisure said. It’s great that I didn’t need to travel that far to see this beautiful place because it is located in my country, Philippines. Actually it’s not just an island, Palawan is a province in the Philippines and it’s […]

Frugal Tips Series on the Road #7

This pretty girl does not really have a frugal tip because she travels for free… Why? Because she works in a ship and travel is part of her work, isn’t it great? ^_^ You might be thinking of work where she sails around the Baltic seas, explore islands off the UK’s coasts, or gaze at […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #17 – Interview with Shirine Taylor

While I pat myself on the back for surviving Nepal at $10/day, and Malaysia at $15/day, I can’t believe someone is actually traveling at $5/day.. This young lady has got me impressed! And guess what, she is from the West! ^_^ Read more about Shirine’s travel lifestyle: Can you tell me something about yourself? Occupation/hobbies/etc […]

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