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Dream Travel Destination: England

I’ve known friends and relatives crossed England on their checklists of places to see while in Europe. And I have yet to set foot in the European continent. So while I’m not yet there, let me dream about things to do in England.   1. Go to London, England’s capital.. then sing London Bridge is […]

Dream Travel Destination: USA

So far, 1 destination has been ticked of my bucket list of dream travel destinations and that is Nepal. Thank you dear Universe, there’s still a lot more to cover ;D… I’m grateful still. At the moment, I’m again on the planning stage of drafting exit plans and I know sooner or later, I will have […]

Frugal Travel Tips Story #18 – Interview with Inga Ines

While I’m in a limbo state of trying to figure out where to go next, trying to fund travels, and still warming to the cosiness of home, I’m in the mood of discovering people who are living their dreams.. I am envious but at the same time, motivated to continue what I love to do best.. to […]

Costa Rica: A Dream Travel Destination

Costa Rica stands as the most visited nation in the Central American region according to travel guides. I’ve never been to any other continents aside from Asia so ifever I set foot in Central America, then Costa Rica must be on my bucket list. Actually it has been in my bucket list a long time […]

Spain: Dream Travel Destination

I’m dreaming of my next future destinations.. because someone gave me funds to dream ;D Spain has a very big influence in the Philippies because it was once a Spanish colony. You can see it thru the churches and some colonial architectures like Intramuros. My middle name is also of Spanish origin. And I will […]

An introduction to Fiji

This is written by Khun Ja (and edited by me). This lovely lady is a senior colleague of mine when I was a volunteer to a regional NGO in Chiang Mai.. staffs at different NGOs travel regularly to far away destinations.. makes me wanna go back to working for the poor, underprivileged and underrepresented ;D […]

Top destinations for a budget beach holiday this summer

If you adore beach holidays, even if your wallet isn’t always so keen, you can still get some amazing bargains depending on where you choose to go, as well as the transport you pick. So, if you’re like me and want a break without the huge price tag, read on for some handy tips on […]

What to do in Madrid, Spain

Madrid is located in the center of Spain, when I finally get to set foot in Europe, it will be just a short flight away This city is known for its culture, its many art museums and its shopping streets filled with tapas bars. Spain is in my bucketlist of where to go so here’s […]

What to do in Nepal

While I’m drafting the plans for my long journey, I’m foreseeing myself traveling to a dream travel destination -Nepal. Many people always think of Mt Everest when you say Nepal, but I’m sure there’s more stuff to do and things to see than the majestic snow covered Mountain.. Wow my long journey is taking shape.. […]

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