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Mahabe Pagotan: Kasaysayan, kalinangan at lipunan ng mga Dumagat sa bahaging Bulacan ng Sierra Madre

I only got a glimpsed of the book and never got to read it but I met the author, Missionary and President of Sagip Sierra Madre Environmental Society – Brother Martin Francisco. That was during the Earth Day Celebration when I and other volunteers went to Angat Dam and met the Dumagat tribes of the […]

Book Review: What is Mine is Yours

I read this book while sharing a condominium in Malaysia with 3 other ladies from Estonia, Uruguay, and US.. thank you to our foster Uncle Eric Lim. It’s a great book, that is why I’m sharing it with you.. Collaborative consumption is a new movement in our society.. and with couchsurfing and other collaborative exchanges, […]

Book Review: Progressive Utilization Theory: Prout – An Economic Solution to Poverty in The Third World

PROUT is characterized as a model of social development… which advocates a ‘small is beautiful’ approach to society. I saw this book about PROUT when I was in a remote town called Hetauda, Nepal. I was living with kids in a children’s home that is also in the same location of their school. Living together means […]

Book Review: Karma Cola by Gita Mehta

This book is kinda cynical… which makes it a bit interesting. It can be a product of the author’s mind, but it seems as if she’s recounting real facts. During my travels around Nepal or India, I encounter hippie and barefoot travelers whose traveling to these areas in search of spiritual or any kind of […]

Book Excerpts and Review: Exploring Psychology

Exploring Psychology is a thick book that I brought from my home to Chiang Mai last 2010… I think it was my brother’s book but I gave it away to a community and hopefully they get to use it. But before giving it away, I made sure to copy some snapshots that I found important […]

Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking

While I travel, I read books so I can do something during idle times.. I read most of my books on bus/train/plain rides or at coffee shop if it happens to not have WIFI. Blink is my latest read.. to be honest I never had the chance to complete reading the book and I have […]

Book Review: Inferno by Dan Brown

I’ve been reading lots of comments on facebook describing Manila as Gates of Hell in the latest book of Dan Brown called Inferno. Here’s some comments from brave souls: Marky of www.nomadicexperiences.com says: “Last year I went to a place called “Isla Puting Bato”. It’s the worst slum I’ve ever been to. The “Gates to Hell” aren’t the […]

Books to read while you travel

Since my first long journey out of the country last 2008, I have read the thickest books that I never thought I could finish.. Living in unfamiliar places is great if you’re on the “honeymoon” phase of settling, but the adaptation process sometimes can drive you nuts.. example, super spicy food on a 45 degree […]

Book Review: Changing Gears: A Family Odyssey to the End of the World

I am currently reading this book by Nancy Sathre-Vogel   They are a family composed of husband, wife and 2 kids who traveled with their bikes. It’s kinda awesome that very few people do this.. and fewer families that travels on a bike too! This then makes them special.. I’m actually stalking facebook pages and blogs […]

Book Review: Go Negosyo

One of my dreams is to be a social entrepreneur. I want to have a business that does not only make profits but also help improve the society as a whole.I do want to have a coffee shop but I think its not the right time for me to establish it at the moment. However, […]

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