What to do next? My dream travel itinerary

What to do next? My dream travel itinerary

Do you know the feeling of wanting to have a holiday but due to grown up responsibilities, it is not yet possible at the moment? I know most people are in that stage.. coz that includes me too.

But that does not hinder us from planning on that great escape right? While I hustle on accumulating that so called freedom fund, I also daydream on that perfect holiday to finally experience the unique landscape of Cappodocia, Turkey; that captivating feeling when you see the Northern lights; that excitement to see the New York City attractions; or the bliss when you finally see the Corrs live in Ireland; or that moment when you finally step into the hills that are alive in Austria, and much more.

Let’s look forward to the day where we’ll finally be able to cast our worries away on that far away land just because we deserve it. I’ll be writing my dream travel itineraries because.. well, this is my blog. :P

You may want to follow this itinerary too if you are fond of long term and slow travels.

Coffee or Tea shop hopping. My friends who went to travel with me previously know this is so true. And while they trek that mountain, I’ll be on that coffee or tea shop hanging out to wait for them to get back. Maybe I’m not that sporty type but yeah I’m happy reading a book in coffee or tea shops while my friends sweat it out outside.


coffee shop

Reading books during transit. I love to read books more than watching tv or movies. Sometimes I even read favorite books twice. ^_^ My favorites are The Little Prince, Alchemist, Like a Flowing River, and a Thousand Splendid Suns. Looking forward to read books recommended by the book club of Mark Zuckerberg this time.

Landscape and history tour. Sometimes, every city that you visit are always the same – malls, parks, buildings.. same gray architecture with busy people. That is why it is nice to visit heritage cities and geographical landscapes that are out of the ordinary. It is what makes a country unique and travel more interesting.


Explore towns with a Bicycle. Aside from train travels, I do love to ride bikes when traveling. That is because bicycle rides produces low carbon footprint, so it’s an environment friendly way to explore surroundings.



Cooking school. Not really a good cook, but I’m learning. It’s fun to do this whenever I go to different homes during my travels because every country have their own dish specialty.

Culture and Language exchange. Going to a new country means also meeting local people and get to know their way of life. I was fortunate enough to learn a bit of Bangla when I was in Kolkata, India and learned Passa Thai when I was in Thailand. I learned a bit of Italian when I stayed in Tagaytay because I was with Italian speaking people and I learned bits of dialects in every Visayan province that I go to. Here’s to learning more!



Road trip and Train travels. This is a definite bucketlist. I once read about that trans siberian train travel where you can get from Asia to Europe and vice versa by land travel. Road trips during winter on vehicles with winter tyres are on the bucketlist too.

I just hope to tick this off while traveling with special people in my life so we can see if we can still stick with each other despite uncomfortable long travels :D..

So those are what I regularly do and what I still plan to do once I start to travel out of my country again. I’m getting that feeling that the universe can’t wait for me to explore again.. and yes dear Universe, I am so grateful.

As much as possible, I intend to not just travel but live in a new country for at least a few months to a year. Visiting for a short time only scratches the surface culture of a country, it’s still nice to immerse in the country and learn it’s way of living too.. that way, we become a global citizen and learn more about the world.

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Contest Entry from Klaudia H.

Contest Entry from Klaudia H.

This story is an entry for this recent contest: http://grasya.com/2017/10/win-free-3-days-2-nights-stay-in-thailand-malaysia-and-singapore/

Read on and see if the story deserves to win.

Let me tell you about me first. I’m an average person, with an average life I would say. I honestly haven’t done much for the community so far: in highschool we organized a charity for the harmed by the Fukushima nuclear disaster, I donated blood for a couple of times, me and my family giveaway clothes, toys and food time to time to the Red Cross (it’s a support in Hungary for the domestic abuse survivors), and last year I went to Korea to volunteer to paint schools and fences. Other then these I hosted many couchsurfers and guided them in my city.

**some info deleted for confidentiality**

My latest journey leads my story to South Korea, last year, when I volunteered and spent time with sightseeing and meeting friends.

As for the volunteer part, I don’t really have much to say, I just painted the walls and fences^^” So let me tell you about how I spent my freetime:

I stayed in Suwon, couchsurfing, my host was really nice, helped me with everything and his family was super nice as well, so I feel really lucky.

I got to meet my friend for the second time after 6 years, when he first visited me in Hungary, it feels so great that we’ve known each other for about 9 years and still keeping in touch despite the distance. He was also really helpful and introduced me to his family for so many years. His mom cooked me at least a 10 dishes lunch, even though they’re not wealthy at all and my friend said they only eat this “fancy” on birthdays, so it made me feel very thankful, but kinda inconvenient at the same time. I can’t believe she saw me for the first time, but took so much effort to please me. I hope one day I can visited them again, so next time I can prepare something nice and delicious for them as well. Thinking about these I just realized how lucky I was to meet these people.

In Korea I experienced my first times. Like going to a theme park. It might sound simple, but we don’t have theme parks in my country and have never been in one. I even tried the scariest roller coaster! I couldn’t really walk and my knees were trembling after getting off, but I’ll never regret. I visited a couple of fortresses, those historical palaces, temples, they were all so breathtaking! Sooo huge! And the view is even better! So nice to see they used so many bright colors, most temples are dark and more sorrowful, but the ones in Korea so bright and happy. I went to Busan from Suwon by train, it was my first time travelling by such fast train. I played with fireworks for the 1st time in my life by the beach. In Busan I got to stay for a couple of days, on the 47th floor of a building thanks to my friend. I think I’ve never been higher than 10th floor in my life before (this also kind of simple thing to be in such high building, but for me, it’s unforgettable, I basically stucked on the window^^”)
I went to the cherry blossom festival in Yeoido~ I love these kind of festivals which admiring the beauty of nature. Interesting fact, that I’m kinda social phobic in my country and have constant anxiety, but Korea I never felt anything like that, even when I was alone, the crowd was kinda comforting there, maybe because people the don’t stare at me, unlike in my country.

In my entire trip, my very best moment, when I felt the best, when I was in Busan, we went to the fortress, crossed the wall, and on the other side of the wall, there was a park. In that park, there were about 30 people, all of them with their puppies. They were playing with each other, and each other’s dogs, I don’t even know why, but it was just to peaceful, I was watching them playing for about an hour I believe, I even shed tears. I know I can see this scene basically everywhere, but at that moment, at that place, I felt all peace. If I didn’t have these friends, I probably couldn’t experience these moments. No matter where I go, I just need to spend the time with my friends.

**some info deleted for confidentiality purposes**

After thinking about the entry for a few days, then wrote my thoughts down.. I realized I’m not even sure about flight included the giveaway or not, so I will feel really awkward if I misunderstood. In that case, I’m really sorry in advance

Freebies and Discounts Gift For You

Freebies and Discounts Gift For You

October is my birth month and I’ll be turning a year older again, time fries. So I’m giving gifts for you in my own special way.

The year was just… normal I would say.

At this age, I’m 70% financially free, some online work, a few investments, a house in the beachside waiting to be cleaned.. and a few more projects in the pipeline.

Work has consumed me. Brain work.

House and farm work on the other hand, remains to be a challenge… I’m getting better at cooking though..

But I’m not here to talk about me, I’m here to give you stuff.. so you can pass the good stuff forward and make others happy. How about that? ^_^

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Don’t worry about not giving me back at this time, I’m getting commission fees for every sign up too so it’s a win/win..

Hope this brighten your day.

10 Travel and Life Quotes

10 Travel and Life Quotes

So for more than a month, I didn’t travel. And it feels good.

To be honest, I felt like my travel goals are shifting and from my previous long term travel experience, I’m seriously thinking of not traveling anymore.


Travel and Life Quote #1:

you cannot serve from an empty vessel


I actually traveled to nourish my soul.. but instead, I received stress and discrimination.. But maybe this is just a phase, we’ll see. I still do want to change locations, and experience snow..


Travel and Life Quote #2:

i want to live



But I also have to be mindful of destination addiction. Although, at the present moment, I feel like not going anywhere. It takes getting sick in Malaysia, discrimination treatment in Singapore, and a fight with a friend in Thailand to make me not want to go travel anymore… thank you specially to my fair weather friends in the Philippines, that cured my travel addiction.

Travel and Life Quote #3:

destination addiction


But then again, travel has it’s own rewards. I met people whom I won’t be able to meet if I didn’t travel.. like that monk who used to be a Pilot and now, eats once a day only and lives in the forest.


Travel and Life Quote #4:

it's who you know

I need to strategize further and meet prospective clients. Otherwise, my 3rd world status will be exploited by those who pay peanuts : )))

Travel and Life Quote #5:

pay peanuts

I also need to remember, money is just one aspect of life.. There are people who have all the material richness, yet when you see their eyes, it’s full of hatred and sorrow.. To be honest, I feel like I’m becoming like them.. on the hatred and sorrow part.


Travel and Life Quote #6:

the best things in life


How can peace be achieved if our own elite doesn’t know how to experience it… some of them actually makes profit in wars specially when the stock market is down.

Travel and Life Quote #7:

profit in war

So yeah as I’ve said, I’m not sure if I still wanna travel. I just want to work with my projects online, continue to earn money, invest them so it can grow exponentially..

And maybe if I earn enough, I can be offline permanently.. work in my garden, commune with nature, live and die peacefully.

Travel and Life Quote #8:

she is a beautiful piece

Also, I get more love from my dogs and cats specially during feeding time. Also, I have wild birds as room mates who serve as my daily alarm clock.. I have decorated my own life, what more can I ask for.

Travel and Life Quote #9:

plant your own garden

Ultimately, while the world moves forward and the cycle of life continues, in the end, sometimes it doesn’t even matter..

Travel and Life Quote #10:

people ruin beautiful things

The Hippies of South America

I’m on a fairy hunt.. and I see Sarah as one of them. She’s a brave Canadian who’s roots are Asian yet spirits are from elsewhere. ^_^ She worked in super yacts, volunteered in hostels, and has become an actress at some point. All these she does for the love of travel.

This little lady is awesome according to my book of life. So I let her share stories in this website… i don’t necessarily encourage you to quit your job to travel like what Sarah did. But for those of you with brave souls, here’s a member of your tribe.

It’s Sarah, on another chapter of her life. I quit my job (again) to pursue and go somewhere far (again). This time I find myself in South America. It’s not because I hated my last job, I just needed a long break from workaholics and those who are in a constant bad mood. In this journey of mine, I met some very interesting, common yet unstructured, ingenious, free spirited, friendly, chatty, etc people on the road – the hippies of South America.

sarah tang in south america

One might probably define hippies as these dirty beggars without a penny to their name, hitchhiking around the planet. Maybe you’d think they have these bohemian style dress code with dreadlocks that swing back and forth like ropes on a boat. I don’t think it applies to every hippie, and it’s hard to generalise as they are not a tribe, not a cult, not a religion, but more like a community of free floaters, flowing around the globe and choosing a life that they want. Can you imagine quiting your job, selling all your things, kissing your family and friends goodbye, and start travelling for the sake of travelling? I am very sure they can.

So back to the topic. What makes the hippies in South America so different and capturing? For one, my hippie friends here dont’t have a lot of money, maybe even without money. However, they are not free loaders and definitely do not beg for money and never with a sign saying “need money to travel”. Instead, most of them have some skills to add to their name, such as making these beautiful designs of friendship bracelets, selling and making crystals and wired crystal ornaments, juggling in crosswalks or the plaza, baking and selling bread, rolling truffle balls to sell, wovening dream captures, etc. My favourite is when they busk and sing traditional South American songs on the street, in buses, and in restaurants. I loved it so much, I went to join my hippie friends’ band for a few days restaurant hopping and busking. And in every tourist city, should a hippie or a traveller without much of a skill needs money, there will be some badly printed sign outside a restaurant looking for a waiter(ress), cook and cleaner. I got my job as a cleaner/ waitress that way! That’s how they make money and support themselves. That’s how they can continue to live their travelling life. That’s how they are not a burden to the population or to the government or to anyone.

I forgot to mention, I started with zero foundation of Castellana (Latin American Spanish) and my various beloved friends here were very persistent to teach me Spanish, as they spoke almost no English. As for sleeping? Most of them own a tent. I don’t know how budget tight are you when you travel, but should I need the cheapest recommendation for a place to sleep, you bet I would ask the first hippie type of person on the street for that.

In this community without borders, I have felt very welcomed and very happy to share my time with them. As a traveller, be it hippies or just a regular traveller, we travel and learn by sharing informations. I will forever remember their genuine smile, their hospitality, and their lessons in sharing all they have.