cheaply living rich… and more

I’m a really frugal person.. well, because i need to be frugal anyway :D

But sometimes, its hard to be one for a couple of reasons like to bond with friends who have a not-so-frugal-lifestyle… maybe its my camaraderie attitude that’s on the run but also, i dont want to push my frugality further and bleed my deprived heart to death afterwards… why are there so many rich people here, kinda annoying.

Good thing goodies here are cheap, and what cost a lot in the Philippines will only cost half or less in Chiang Mai.. and take note that Thailand is not a third world country, so u get things in better quality too.. I do love having this alternative lifestyle to be honest.

So why do they need volunteers? Hmm its actually for a neighboring country.. Burma.. and its refugees. Well, im sort of an exception because im placed in a regional organization for asia pacific women.. but im still in touch with the grassroots and care deeply of what’s happening around.

You can see what’s happening at

Im sure there are also problems at home.. in my home country… so I just dont sit around and be merry… I continue to observe and learn, so I can give something back to my country when I return.

a note to myself

if you think life is a game… and if you feel the need to win… and you eventually win… dont you feel guilty that a person (or a group of persons) have to loose because of you?  have you felt the need to loose just for them to feel better?

if you think that your race or country (or looks) is superior.. have you thought about wonderful things about other races/countries/looks too? Or are you too self centered that you can’t even notice that people in other countries are happy and healthy despite lack of money?

have you thought that money is JUST paper?

if you have lots of money… have you ever thought that all you have is just money? do you think it can buy genuine love? real friends? have you ever thought of “loosing” it so you can find true people? there are still quite a few I must say…

if you think there are no more good people… have you thought about being good? spreading love to everyone so everyone can infect love to others as well? and eventually start that ripple effect of goodness?

if you find it hard to love.. or if you find it hard to have someone love you…. can you just try to love everybody?and everything? without expecting anything in return? and let the universe conspire to love you back?