What World Do You Want? A United Nations Global Survey For A Better World

What World Do You Want? A United Nations Global Survey For A Better World

I have a dream…

I’m sure you have a dream too.

Thing is, sometimes dreams just remain dreams if we dont start steps to make it come true. I aim to be free in a free world, and I’m doing steps to fulfill that goal.. One step is to make my thoughts be heard.. And sometimes wishes do come true really! *winks at fairies*

I’m sure its not only me who’s dreaming of a free and better world, I’m sure you do too.. who the heck wants a sick and cruel world anyway?



So lets do the first steps to healing the world by making your voices be heard too. One of the many ways to start is to fill in the survey at the United Nations Global Survey.

Let us tell the United Nations what we want.. Do we need access to clean water and air? Do we need a transparent government? Better healthcare? Actually I wanted to tick all of the choices in the survey! How come we only need to choose 6 :(

That’s the start of a small step towards change.. but please dont stop there, lets all do good in our own small way to create ripple effects of a bright future so we can have the world we really want.

How to identify fake facebook fans and twitter followers

How to identify fake facebook fans and twitter followers

Some say it is easy to be famous in the internet. Read this article for example.

If you have been wondering why other web businesses with social media campaigns boosted into thousands of likes in just a few weeks or even days? Well, its either they have a strong social media strategy or they bought fake facebook fans and twitter followers :D

What benefit does gazillion fake fans give you? It will make you look popular to some people that’s for sure… but only temporary. At the end of the day, always remember that only the real ones will share content, tell friends, talk about your brand . . . and buy your products and/or services  :D

If you feel paranoid, check this out:



Ways to identify fake twitter followers

1. Spy on a few of your twitter competitors and look them up at http://fakers.statuspeople.com/

If you spied on me, you’ll see that I’ve got some fake followers xD.. where the hell did I got these?? *weeds fake fans*

2. Lookup the followers of the twitter profile you are spying on, if most of them don’t have profile pictures and/or have no activity at all.. it must be a made up account



Ways to identify fake facebook fans

1.Go to the facebook page and examine the activity. If there are a thousand facebook fans but every post only have less than 10 likes, then the engagement is not very good.. marketing strategy may need improvement (i need that too)… and fans might or might not be fake, so its best to examine further

2. On the facebook page, click the likes. You will often see the popular city and age of the audience and also the “people talking about this”. Examine further:

  • Does the people talking about this seem reasonable for the number of likes in the page?
  • Does the audience country and age match the brand? Example, if the page promotes a brand exclusively in the US but the likes are coming from another country, then there is a high probability the fans are “outsourced”

At the end of the day, it pays to be REAL. Take the time to be authentic and you will eventually build a real audience and a business with integrity.

What to do in Hong Kong

What to do in Hong Kong

I’m not traveling so much lately.. just travel to the super market and back.. and yeah lately, I had a misadventure in the hospital but that’s another story. :D

So I cant wait for next month! Where I travel to another country again! I’ll be contributing to air pollution, and thinning of the ice in the arctic ocean in my own small way but I promise to travel responsibly.

I know the best is yet to come and I believe the half part of this year is just the beginning of more awesomeness :D..

So what are my plans for Hong Kong:

1. Visit Antonella, a dear friend who was in charge of me when I was a hard headed Gen in Tagaytay last 2005.. I just graduated my Masters that time so you know, the ego was very high.. but I have changed and I’ll show her my halo (disguised as crown of thorns) when we finally get to meet :D..

and yes, I’m also helping her promote her paintings.. this is perfect display for coffee shops, hotels and restaurants.. let me know if you want to order ^_^.. More info at http://antoartworks.weebly.com/


2.  Hunt Coffee Shops and restaurants and do some Food Adventure! I dont want to just eat and take picture of the food.. I’m hoping to learn how to cook some local food too! So far, I know how to cook some Thai, Korean, Indonesian food already.. I aint a perfect cook but i do practice :D.. who wants to have some cooking session with me in HK?

UPDATE: I’m reading about r66 rotating restaurant that turns around every 66 minutes.. located on the 62nd floor of the “Hopewell Centre” on Hong Kong Island.. I wish to go there! and order iced tea or coffee and sip every 15 minutes so I can stay for 3 hours :D

But if its too expensive, I’ll just go to another lesser expensive country with a rotating restaurant. *sigh*

Dining at victoria peak seems nice too… hmm.. let me see where’s the best place to order coffee and stay for 3 hours when i get there.

3. I’m gonna visit the space museum. Have you heard of the mission to Mars where they send people a one way ticket to that planet? Well… I’m not participating :D.. I’ll just content myself with visiting space museums at the moment.. but for those of you who had enough contribution to the destruction of Mother Earth, you may want to check out Mars, we’ll be glad to send you off.

4.  I want to visit the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery.. And ride the cable car! hmm I know there are lots of monasteries and buddhas in Asia.. so not much excited to see this. But we’ll see. I’m looking forward to the cable car ride though!

5. I want to shop.. but on a wee budget, can someone please tell me where to haggle electronics? My laptop is dying a slow death on me. I need a new one :(

6. I also plan to design itineraries for independent travelers so for establishments who wants to be included in the plan, please drop me a note.

So far, I’ve got 3 places to stay… It’s my first time to use AirBNB and it got me a 58$/ P2378 deal for 2 nights in a hostel.. And I’ll be couchsurfing with a former CBS producer on my last stay.. The other place where I’ll spend a night will be revealed later on.. Plan is getting awesome! ^_^

This is just a draft list and we’ll see if there are additions/deletions in the original plan. Any other recommendations? ^_^


Disneyland is not on my list.. coz everyone goes there :D.. well maybe I’ll go there when I bring small kids in the family clan next time coz I still have to fulfill the role of being an awesome Aunt. But for now, I just want to have an awesome trip. ^_^ That’s not a hard wish, aint it? ^_^


Next Topic: More interviews from awesome travel friends, Relocation to another part of the Philippines, Visiting friends in Vietnam and more..