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Life in Hetauda, Nepal

I’m here for a couple of days now.. internet and electricity is such a challenge and you know how it goes for online workers who’s internet is lifeblood? Yeah its kinda killing me softly.. but not for long coz I’m transferring to another location with inverter, solar panel, heater so hopefully despite intermittent electricity, life […]

Books to read while you travel

Since my first long journey out of the country last 2008, I have read the thickest books that I never thought I could finish.. Living in unfamiliar places is great if you’re on the “honeymoon” phase of settling, but the adaptation process sometimes can drive you nuts.. example, super spicy food on a 45 degree […]

How I earned online April report

This lifestyle travel blog project of mine, is still in the toddler phase of monetizing.. even if the domain has been for around 10 years, It’s all good coz I’m not really a marketing person but when your goal is to be free, you’ll do all sorts of things just to maintain the lifestyle. I’m still […]

Frugal Travel Tips Series #13

Anfernee Chansamooth is one of my tech geek friends who is also a life coach. We met randomly in a coffee shop in Chiang Mai and we’ve been FB friends since :D He gives me tips and tricks every now and then.. but what really interest me is his traveling style.. that’s the reason why […]

Geeky Fun Problem Series #2

For Computer Science people.. let’s do some brain exercise. How many Bananas can you see? A. 2, B. 11, C. 6 Note: There is no wrong answer. You know why? ^_^ Email grasya (at) grasya dot com for answers ;)

Vote for Tourism: Interview by Dispatch Magazine

This is an online interview by Dispatch Magazine. They are currently in the hunt for passionate independent travelers who would love to share their deepest thoughts, opinions, and ideas on this matter… If you are one of them, lemme know so I can put you in touch with them too. So here’s my point of view: Forget […]

Restaurant Review: Pan de Amerikana

They say its the first and only restaurant in South East Asia where decorations are upside down.. that should capture customer’s attention.. and indeed our curiosities were captured. It’s a typical restaurant really, serves affordable Filipino dishes, with well mannered waiters. But what makes it different is how it was styled. It really looks like […]

How to prepare for a long travel journey

I bought tickets yesterday. I’m going out of the country again!! ^_^ (insert clapping and happy dance here) First part will be me traveling solo (although from my solo trips, I’ve always met road angels so lets see what will happen this time) Second part will be me traveling with mum! Yeah excited and anxious […]

How I earned online March report

Sorry this is late posting. Sometimes I dont know whether I should divulge earnings but I wanted to be transparent to my readers and honest about what strategies I am making for grasya.com, that in the end, should inspire trust. And even if some bad elements are reading this, I’m sure I wont be kidnapped […]

Coffee Shop Hunt!

I am on a hunt for coffee shops! So far, I’ve featured those that have done great service or have offered unique and quality coffee, food and/or ambiance. For those whose been reading my blog, you may already know that I’m traveling around while working.. and big big thanks to coffee shops coz they have […]

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