Wish List

I fear making public wishes because somehow it does happen… XD…

Just sometimes not immediately, or sometimes in another form but yes, the GOOD universe does conspire! Freaking me out.. who am I? I’m just a pebble in the beach, a drop in the vast ocean, a vapor in the wind…

But hey dear Good Universe, thanks for letting me be… feel like a special pebble, a magnificent drop that forms the ocean, a hidden gem of a vapor that forms part of the big wind that brings coolness back to You, dear Universe.

So without further ado, here’s my wishes:


0. Work anywhere

DONE. I can work anywhere as long as there is internet connection. I’ve been working in the mountains, in wee coffee shops, beside cutie rural kids who’s eyes wonder what im doing.. ^_^ Thank you to the following who’s making this possible. I’m trying to work with people from less advantaged communities so I can enable them to be free too thru working online. If you’ve got website projects, please let me know how we can work together.
10/25/2015: ONGOING Got a few clients but still need to target a high paying client that will allow me to travel abroad while working in different coffee shops

1. Travel the world
ONGOING. So far, I’ve been to 12 countries and counting! If you want to sponsor me or contribute to help me travel the world, please visit my travel page, thank you
8/16/2014: PAUSED Travel out of the country has been paused but will continue once I get a big paying client
10/27/2015: PLANS ON THE WAY Thank you generous souls. Do you have free airmiles? Buddy pass? Let’s talk ^_^

2. Study in the University for Peace
PAUSED. I got accepted with a partial scholarship for my MA in International Peace studies but need to look for funds for the rest… I never thought studying peace is very expensive xD…
But if more resources and effort are built towards unity than focusing on the art of war, then the world will be more happier and united. I’m prepping myself up towards this goal.
8/16/2014: PAUSED My application has been moved next school year.. I’ve been applying since 2012 so if it’s meant to be, it will be
10/27/2015: CANCELLED I still want to study a course that will benefit humanity.. we’ll see what the future holds

3. I want to have my coffee shop.
PAUSED. This happened but I have to close it due to many reasons. It’s still my dream and passion and hope that someday, I’ll be able to re-establish it.. this time, I’m eyeing on having one in Vietnam, I’ll keep you posted.
8/16/2014: PAUSED I still want to have a coffee shop.. somewhere. someday.

4. I want to have my own small scale NGO.. I also wanna be a fairy.
ONGOING. I realized being in the frontline is not my forte.. I freak out on emergency situations and seeing so many people doesn’t make it better.. so I think I will always be the hidden fairy that no one knew was there.. On another note, I have created grasya.org to consolidate activities of different individuals and groups involved in doing good in this world.
8/16/2014: ONGOING yep, there are lots of people needing help. For details, head over to grasya.org

5. I want to be a hotel/airline/restaurant reviewer, enter the hotel like an anonymous spy… ^_^
ONGOING: I have enlisted myself in different mystery shopping agencies and I also created my own mystery shopping site, check it out.
8/16/2014: ONGOING I’m getting a couple of gigs here lately, all is good.
10/27/2015: ONGOING The universe has heard me, thank you. So please don’t let me be so famous otherwise I won’t be effective doing this gig ;)

6. I want to learn how to manage our real farmville. I love our real farmville but its another thing to be able to manage it myself.. like you know, ride the carabao, or plant trees, and stuff.. Planting and identifying trees will be a great achievement for me as a starter xD.
ONGOING: I’ve started to collect orchids and who knows what could be of our farm in the future
8/16/2014: ONGOING Aside from orchids, we also sell muscovado sugar, coconuts, rice, and mongo. Let me know if you want to order.

7. I’d like to stay in offgrid communities where self sustainable living is apparent. These communities strive with little money yet still prosper despite lack of financial needs. In a world where there’s a large gap between rich and poor, and in a world where money has become a center of the universe, an alternative peaceful yet productive society is needed to be promoted.

8. Trans Siberian Train ride is added to this bucketlist. It fascinates me ever since I first heard about it. Train rides are an enviromental friendly way to travel and it’s just great to see how landscapes and people changes over the course of the journey.

So there.. not much, there are still things I didn’t mention here coz its only for the Lord to decide, but for now… as I see things from a perspective.. Just hold a little bit grasya.. I see a bright future. ^_^

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    1. it’s been 3 years since we met on the 3 day train ride to Kerala and you still remember me ^_^, thank you

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