I am now back in the Philippines. If you’re a charity org that needs help or a sponsor who wants to enable me to help , please email me at webmaster at grasya dot com.

Thank you to those who made my journey to the road less traveled possible. Truly, the world conspires to achieve dreams.. And i will keep on going while you’re still the wind beneath my wings.

Plan for 2017

A major transition is now ongoing, instead of sponsors sponsoring me, I’d rather be helping sponsors sponsor other people. How will this happen? Feel free to collaborate and email me at grasya(at) grasya.com

So far, online jobs were given to fund different outreach activities and to PWDs who are determined to earn online. Special mention goes to:

1. Bless Camiguin Norte outreach
2. Esclavo Home in Iloilo
3. grasya.org

Thank you to generous donors and clients who let me continue to be a fairy to these fairies.

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Major Sponsors 2015



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2014 Sponsors:
Thank you as always to different advertisers specially when I lost a big client and got stuck in Nepal. You were a lifesaver when everyone else was just staring at my facebook status

Thank you to the Ananda Marga sisters in Nepal and Couchsurfers in Nepal and Malaysia who temporarily adopted me while I’m traveling the country

2013 Sponsors:
Thank you so much to different travel advertisers. I still need to cover more countries dear fellows ^_^
Thank you to my life coach Brian Solomon of Uyahtal Empowerment for providing moral guidance and support while I’m traveling.
Thank you to Smart Communications for letting me travel with a purpose.

2012 Sponsors:
March – Azalea Residences
June – Perpspa Medspa


2011 Sponsors:
Vera Wihan – My soul sister. You have awaken the travel bug in me. I still remember the 3 hour walk  at Samal Island, Davao just to find a resort that costs only 5 pesos XD…. and your ballet stint in Bohol and repeat ballet stint in Chiang Dao, Thailand is a classic! You are always there for me and I will always be there for you, my dear soul sister.

Virginia Roncaglione – My fairy from Oxford. My roomie at CINI, India. The one who took care of me, gave me a bunch of roses for no reason, gave me the pretty pink salwar kameez, and taught me boy-hunting tips (which i failed miserably xD).

To VSO and VSO Volunteers – rock on. The path we have chosen is not the path of the majority.. and that makes us an exception ;)

To the APWLD Ladies – Women, specially those who are in the grassroots needs a voice.. thru you. Thanks for empowering them.


My Lifetime Sponsors:

An angel-who-dont-want-to-be-named and Nick from Africa – I never thought 2 perfect strangers from Africa and Lithuania are the one who will solve my Ushahidi problem that drove me crazy for weeks. And not only that they helped me in my technical problem, I got a free hosting too. Both of you are my angel. Hope you got the gifts I sent from Chiang Mai, Thailand ^_^

Focolare – Every country I journey, the focolarinas and focolarinos and the Gen are always there to cheer me up and provide me spiritual guidance. I am so glad to be a Gen, and I will try my best to be a volunteer for the Opera if that is God’s Will for me.

Father Georg Pfender – my mentor… The former responsible of Priest School of Asia in Tagaytay. If I was a man, I’d be a priest like him. ^_^ His words of wisdom will always be in my heart.

To the couchsurfers – I love travel and you made me love it more ^_^..

To my readers.. thanks for reading. ^_^ I do hope this blog brings you inspiration too.. In a world of chaos and negativity, lets try to focus on how to bring the beauty in life back.


4 thoughts on “Sponsors

  1. Hi

    I am a webmaster of Travel Website site.I want to be Link Partner with your sites.If you are interested contact me or send me your webmaster Emailid.

    Thank You

  2. Hi!

    I am Carisse de la Cruz from Makati City. I’m just wondering if you could help me contact Fr. Georg Pfender. I really don’t know him but I am doing this for a man I met just outside the National Shrine of the Sacred Heart here in Makati. His name is Jesus San Antonio, I met him and his son Christian and was able to give them a little help. Jesus is now asking me if I could contact Fr.Georg because according to him, he considers Fr.George as his second father and they were able to be together for 4 years and he has helped them a lot. But last 2012, Fr.Georg went to Italy and he hadn’t heard from him since. If only I could contact Fr.Georg it would be a very big help to this man and his son because they are homeless as of the moment. I hope you could help us. I believe my email is already in here and so please do not hesitate to email me.

    Thank you very much and God bless!


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