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Back to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Freedom (almost) achieved

At last! I’m free!! Well not really. I still have stuff to do back home in the Philippines. But after 2 years of not traveling out of the country, I felt like a bird suddenly out of a cage. Don’t worry I’m not the wild bird type :P My feelings were mixed of tears of […]

Cost of Living in Da Nang City – Vietnam

The only way to know a place is thru people that reside there. So to be able to know Vietnam more, I asked my beautiful Vietnamese friends to contribute. ^_^ And here’s Nhu’s article about her place. I have not been to Danang yet but maybe I can visit the place once I get back […]

Noodles Galore in Vietnam

A couple of weeks ago, my Vietnamese friend who I met 11 years ago in Tagaytay came to visit me and my Aunt in Antique. It is high time for her to visit the Philippines again since I have visited her country 3 times already ^_^.. that’s how I love Vietnamese food :))) I have […]

What to eat in Vietnam

A couple of years ago, 2004-2005 to be exact, I lived in a house with other young people from different countries for a cross cultural immersion program.. and we get to cook food that represents our country. I can’t really say if they look forward to my cooking though xD.. coz I was the worst […]

What to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

It was my first time to set foot on red sand dunes.. and I said to myself, who needs to be in the Middle East to see vast sand when I can just go to Mui Ne? ;) And since there is nothing like red colored sand dunes in the Philippines.. I was mesmerized, awestruck, […]

What I did in Vietnam

It’s nice to be back in Vietnam again.. the last time I was here in Ho Chi Minh City was last 2008, and that was my first solo travel.. time really fries. Well I came in Vietnam alone but because I met with Vietnamese friends and was with them most of the time, I cant […]

Vietnam and Vietnamese Food

This is why I love having friends all over the world. They visit my country and I visit theirs ^_^ So last year, I went to see Emily in Burma. Before that, I went to see Pushpa in India. But even before I was a VSO Volunteer, I already made a visit to my friends […]

Back to the Philippines. Long term trip experiences shared

It took me weeks to update the content of this website… because i want to show the beautiful side of life in a way that no one will get jealous if I show pretty pics, or at least no one will borrow money. But after reading this, and you still feel envy, contact me and […]

A guide to buffets in Metro Manila

Whenever I go to Metro Manila, I always look forward to do food trips. Let’s admit it, despite the abundant food in the province, there’s not enough choices of food dishes to eat. That’s why I urge people from the province to travel too, so their creativity be nudge a bit and invent more dishes […]

Travel Dream Destination: Italy

10+ years ago, I lived with Italians.. that is why I know some words like.. Ciao :D But I did not came to live in Italy to mingle with Italians. I was in Tagaytay, Philippines for a 6 month retreat when I came to live with international young people. Do you wonder what we did while […]

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