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Cost of Living in Da Nang City – Vietnam

The only way to know a place is thru people that reside there. So to be able to know Vietnam more, I asked my beautiful Vietnamese friends to contribute. ^_^ And here’s Nhu’s article about her place. I have not been to Danang yet but maybe I can visit the place once I get back […]

Noodles Galore in Vietnam

A couple of weeks ago, my Vietnamese friend who I met 11 years ago in Tagaytay came to visit me and my Aunt in Antique. It is high time for her to visit the Philippines again since I have visited her country 3 times already ^_^.. that’s how I love Vietnamese food :))) I have […]

What to eat in Vietnam

A couple of years ago, 2004-2005 to be exact, I lived in a house with other young people from different countries for a cross cultural immersion program.. and we get to cook food that represents our country. I can’t really say if they look forward to my cooking though xD.. coz I was the worst […]

What to do in Mui Ne, Vietnam

It was my first time to set foot on red sand dunes.. and I said to myself, who needs to be in the Middle East to see vast sand when I can just go to Mui Ne? ;) And since there is nothing like red colored sand dunes in the Philippines.. I was mesmerized, awestruck, […]

What I did in Vietnam

It’s nice to be back in Vietnam again.. the last time I was here in Ho Chi Minh City was last 2008, and that was my first solo travel.. time really fries. Well I came in Vietnam alone but because I met with Vietnamese friends and was with them most of the time, I cant […]

Vietnam and Vietnamese Food

This is why I love having friends all over the world. They visit my country and I visit theirs ^_^ So last year, I went to see Emily in Burma. Before that, I went to see Pushpa in India. But even before I was a VSO Volunteer, I already made a visit to my friends […]

A guide to buffets in Metro Manila

Whenever I go to Metro Manila, I always look forward to do food trips. Let’s admit it, despite the abundant food in the province, there’s not enough choices of food dishes to eat. That’s why I urge people from the province to travel too, so their creativity be nudge a bit and invent more dishes […]

Travel Dream Destination: Italy

10+ years ago, I lived with Italians.. that is why I know some words like.. Ciao :D But I did not came to live in Italy to mingle with Italians. I was in Tagaytay, Philippines for a 6 month retreat when I came to live with international young people. Do you wonder what we did while […]

Where to go next? My dream travel itinerary

This was an old story last year that I have updated.. aside from bringing my mom last year in Thailand and Vietnam for her first international travel, not much have happened just to let you know I’m still dreaming to go to the countries I will mention below xD… and I will keep annoying you […]

Living the local life – a personal insight

Because it has been a long time since I traveled out of my country, local living has become my daily routine. I still travel around the country and have experienced the lifestyle of different classes of society. Somehow I do see the benefits of each side of the story. If you’re gonna ask me which […]

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