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Back to Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Freedom (almost) achieved

At last! I’m free!! Well not really. I still have stuff to do back home in the Philippines. But after 2 years of not traveling out of the country, I felt like a bird suddenly out of a cage. Don’t worry I’m not the wild bird type :P My feelings were mixed of tears of […]

Buffets in Chiang Mai, Thailand

People are currently celebrating Yi Ping and Loi Kratong Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand.. and I was privileged to experienced it a few years ago.. Although environmentalists actually frown on the idea of lighting up several lanterns in the air that releases more CO2. *sigh* For those who are in Chiang mai, or are planning […]

FREE accommodation and travel allowance in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last few months ago, me and my mom went to travel in Thailand and Vietnam. And now, thank you to the generous sponsors, a lucky family will be able to stay in Chiang Mai for 3 days 2 nights for free! Not only that, they will get to have $80 worth travel allowance too. It’s […]

Thailand Street Food Part 2

Travel to Thailand always includes food. And here’s the second part of a list of Thai street foods that my beautiful local friend Khun Nok has given me.. Click here to see the first part. Now the challenge is how to pronounce some words right, but you can always show the picture so you won’t […]

Thailand street food part 1

This is contributed by Julie Navarat, a Thai friend who loves to bake and knit. ^_^ Read on so you know what to order next time you are in Thailand. In Thailand, people eat street food regularly whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Each type of street food can be made using different kinds of […]

Cost of Living in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai, Thailand is one of the most favorite places of travelers whether hardcore or newbies. Reason is the quality and cost of living is better than most places I’ve been to.. and cheaper prices at that. There were bits of changes the last time I was here 2 years ago. Examples are: More buildings […]

This Grasya is in Thailand (again)

  I’m home.. I mean I have many homes, and Thailand specifically Chiang Mai is one of them.. Well, I’m not a citizen of this country nor own a house in Thailand but because I lived here for more than a year before, this country is really close to my heart.. I’ll be here for […]

Help my dear Thailand

Thailand adopted me for 15 months and all I wanted to do is to repay them with kindness for all the good karma they have given to me. I’m not a rich person but it does not hinder me from helping out… and I have proven this 3 years ago when I started to trek […]

Free Love: Mariapolis, Thailand 2011

people dancing.   everyone trying to love everyone (in a universal way).   no matter what you’re language is (english, thai, italian, etc) there will always be a translator ready to help you feel that you belong.         great food. great friends from different countries and religion too   an overwhelming feeling […]

Philippines and Thailand: Same same but still different

I blogged about this a few months before. But now that im a Filipino living in Thailand for quite sometime now, all I can say about the difference of Thailand and Philippines are: 1. Thailand is a Buddhist country, thus lots of temples or wats as they call it. In Pinas, since majority are christians, […]

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