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Back to the Philippines. Long term trip experiences shared

It took me weeks to update the content of this website… because i want to show the beautiful side of life in a way that no one will get jealous if I show pretty pics, or at least no one will borrow money. But after reading this, and you still feel envy, contact me and […]

How to travel alone – a guide for solo female travelers

My earliest solo travel memories was traveling from Laguna to Manila every school day at 11 years old. I woke up at 4am, then walk (yes, walk) 2 kilometers to the bus station, and hope to not be late for the flag ceremony at 6:30am. Eventually, the bus conductor knew me already as a regular […]

Travel has taught me how to love

** I wrote this on a Valentines day last Feb 14, 2013.. it still applies to this day, with the addition of a few countries and places ;D.. enjoy reading! — let my words flow playfully inside my soul let the melody of a song invite me to compose this poem let the sweet wind […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #16

I call him kuya Freddie bear because of his teddy bear size ^_^… although i think his weight decreased a bit because of his stint in Africa as a VSO Volunteer. He is such a life of the party, and everybody loves him because of his jolly big heart. I would never have known interesting […]

How I earned online June Report

This month is overwhelming. Can’t believe I just traveled to Hong Kong and Macau and I need to finish all those blog posts before I move to another country again! Also, I found angels on earth this month. Lots of them scattered around in the form of a jeepney driver who didnt let me pay […]

How I earned online Jan-Feb report

Last month got me some freebies in terms of accommodations in Indonesia, and meetups of very interesting people is a plus. This month got me some boost in my travel blogging funds, big boost compare to previous months actually… I can now order cake that goes with my coffee, i love you advertisers ^_^ I […]

What to do in Iloilo

I was in Iloilo twice this year but mostly just in transit because my real destination is my hidden paradise. However, this time around, I spent a little bit time to roam around and get to know the city a bit more. Here is a list of what I did that you can do too […]


I have lived and traveled to the following places. Thank you sooOo much to good souls who have helped me travel this far: Philippines And because this is my country, I’ve lived here most of my life. I travelled to different provinces in this country including as far as Tawi Tawi and Ilocos Norte. I […]

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