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Back to the Philippines. Long term trip experiences shared

It took me weeks to update the content of this website… because i want to show the beautiful side of life in a way that no one will get jealous if I show pretty pics, or at least no one will borrow money. But after reading this, and you still feel envy, contact me and […]

Reasons I love and hate Boracay, Philippines

Boracay was termed as one of the most beautiful islands in the world. The first class island in the Philippines has captured the hearts of many specially the rich and famous who escape to this paradise during holidays and weekends. I lost count of how many times I’ve passed in this place. Not because I’m […]

Homestays in Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao Island is a place I’d keep coming to. You know the feeling when you already planned your next visit even when you just arrived? It is that charming. I arrived really early in Siargao, alighted at Dapa Port around 9 in the morning. It’s a sunshine-y day. I got in touch with a friend […]

Malalison Island, Antique, Philippines

It is typhoon season… and I’m traveling xD Well, we’re supposed to go check out far flung communities and see how they were doing after devastating typhoons.. and look around to promote homestays too. And one of the places we went is a small island that you can see once you arrive in Culasi town […]

Fiesta in the Philippines

Why do some families afford lavish celebrations during fiesta? Feeding the whole neighbourhood, or town is not an easy task. You have to involve the whole family (and extended family) on the expenses and preparation for the celebration, just to entertain and feed people, some of them you don’t even know.. Apparently, that is the […]

A visit to 2 islands in North Samar, Philippines

I was in north Samar these past few days.. spent most days in 2 wee islands, where one is almost not seen in the map. Anyway, I’ve got a few things to blog about these two islands. The first one is San Juan island, an island barangay in Lavezares, and another one is in touristy […]

Tribes in the Philippines

Here’s a list of tribal communities in the Philippines that I have visited during my travels. The list is not yet complete as I’ve visited only a few but if given the chance, I’ll visit more tribes and showcase the diverse culture of the Philippines. If you want to soak in the culture, take the […]

Ordinary activities that are extraordinary to a foreigner in the Philippines

Recently, I’ve changed roles from being the guest traveler to a local homestay host. I love to stay at homes whenever I travel because I like to see the authentic culture of a country, and I want to connect to locals on a personal level and learn their way of living too. It’s more economical […]

Vegetarian Restaurants in the Philippines

I always thought it is hard to find vegetarian restaurants or veggie fastfoods in the Philippines. And while I travel out of the country, I meet vegetarian travelers who says Philippines is out of their travel list because of the food preference in the country. However, when I asked around in the Pinoy travel bloggers […]

Make a Difference: A Different Kind of Travel Guide to the Philippines

Travel around the Philippines almost always involves beaches, white sands, awesome landscapes, friendly people, good food.. It is indeed fun… specially if the small time vendors, farmers, fishermen and tribes can go experience the fun too no? It is complicated to explain why there is a social divide. We might nosebleed. So let’s have fun […]

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