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10 Indonesian food that you need to eat in Indonesia

1. Rendang – Rendang is a really popular dish in Indonesia. Wherever you come to a local restaurant, it’s easy to find this dish. It is cooked with coconut milk and spices so sometimes you will feel it tastes similar with dry curry. Rendang is a kind of spicy meat, normally beef or in some […]

Planning on what to do in Bali, Jakarta, Bandung and Medan, Indonesia

Whenever I see my facebook timeline full of people going to Bali, Yogyakarta or anywhere in Indonesia, I notice it’s almost always involves beaches, rice terraces, and posh hotels. Sometimes I just feel like not doing what everybody is doing.. I want to plan my own travels and I just don’t travel to a place […]

Where to stay in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

You can find lots of accommodations in Yogyakarta especially along the sidestreets of Malioboro. Although it can really be a challenge if you get to the touristy place at peak season.. and lucky me I did arrive at a time where people are having their holidays.. It was the birthday of their Prophet Mohammed that […]

My travel expenses in Indonesia

As I said in previous posts, I spent an average of 15-20 dollars a day when I was traveling in Indonesia. I can get it lower if I didnt eat out in posh restaurants and minimize my caffeine fix actually ^_^.. but then some of you might not couchsurf or might not meet angels like […]

Memories of my travels in Jakarta, Indonesia

Here are some snapshots moments of my travels in Jakarta.. they are not significantly touristy but I valued the moments of knowing interesting people and eating interesting foods. I spent most times working online at coffee shops though.. kudos to restaurants and cofee shop’s fast WIFI xD Ate different kinds of Indonesian foods (I’ll make […]

Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I arrived in Yogyakarta.. or Jogjakarta as locals pronounce and spell it, alone. Everyone I met in Indonesia was raving about the place and highly recommends that I check it out. And so I did. And so I found myself raving about it too.. ^_^ Jogjakarta, or Jogja, as locals pronounce it, is a major […]

What to do in Bandung, Indonesia

Bandung, the Paris of Java, the flower city of Indonesia. Indonesia is more than Bali or Jakarta. Try to visit Bandung for a change. The place has given me more ways than one to be happy and grateful. Mother Earth must be proud. Here’s what I did that you can also check out once you visit […]

This Grasya is in Indonesia

The universe has been spoiling me lately.. And I’m grateful. I’m currently in Indonesia making new friends and discovering new places. I wish I could stay more but I will need to go back in a few days :( Oh well.. here’s what has been happening lately. Just snippets for now, ill write more details […]

Book Review: The Millionaire Next Door by Thomas J. Stanley

It has been 5 years ago since I began working on online projects from desks or couches of different coffee shops to different houses to bus stations to airport terminals. I realized the ideal life I’ve written 10 years ago, to work from anywhere, manifested already at 80%.. there’s still needed tweaks but I’m looking […]

So you want to work online and have a travel lifestyle? Read on.

I sipped my iced coffee in a coffee shop somewhere in Palawan while having this view as a live wallpaper. Oh what a wonderful life you must have thought..   Then the phone rings, after that, there’s a skype notification from another client that asks if we can talk.. after that, there’s a report I need to […]

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