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What to eat in Hong Kong

For those celebrating, Happy Chinese New Year! Sorry this is late posting because for the life of me I felt that the food that I’ve eaten in Hong Kong are very similar to the Chinese food in the Philippines… Example, Pancit, Taho, and Fishballs :D… yes that’s my friend, Enoch, who have visited me in […]

This Grasya is in Hong Kong.. again

The Filipina in charge of the boutique hotel inn asked me – “are you not afraid of getting lost? You know some locals do not speak English? And some you know have strong character they might appear as rude to you but it’s normal for them” I assured Ate, default name for big sister, to […]

My travel expenses in Hong Kong and Macau

Writing this is difficult… specially when I’m undergoing a phase in life.. some call it writers block, I call it.. lazyness.. or reality avoidance.. coz knowing I’ve spent so much breaks my heart! But hey, I love sharing my brokeness too! :P Mysteriously, while I was creating this post, the notes where I stored all […]

Free stuff I have discovered in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a very expensive place to travel for many people (that includes me) . But if you plan it right, you may find freebies that not many knew. And because sharing is caring, here’s what I’ve discovered.. Freebies means more freedom to travel in other places so hopefully you’ll find this post useful: […]

This grasya is in Hong Kong.. and Macau

I’m currently traveling in Hong Kong.. a much needed break from spending long times in the mountains. I didnt go to some usual touristy areas like Disneyland but I think going to other places in the country is more awesome. Plus visiting nearby Macau, is much more awesome. I think I’m doing a great achievement […]

What to do in Hong Kong

I’m not traveling so much lately.. just travel to the super market and back.. and yeah lately, I had a misadventure in the hospital but that’s another story. :D So I cant wait for next month! Where I travel to another country again! I’ll be contributing to air pollution, and thinning of the ice in […]

Living the local life – a personal insight

Because it has been a long time since I traveled out of my country, local living has become my daily routine. I still travel around the country and have experienced the lifestyle of different classes of society. Somehow I do see the benefits of each side of the story. If you’re gonna ask me which […]

How to avoid travel mishaps

This is an update on how to deal with challenging events when you are travelling. I travel solo most of the times and have encountered all the scenarios below.. but it doesn’t mean I won’t travel again despite all those misfortunes.. the world is too beautiful not to see before our mortal time is up […]

FREE accommodation and travel allowance in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Last few months ago, me and my mom went to travel in Thailand and Vietnam. And now, thank you to the generous sponsors, a lucky family will be able to stay in Chiang Mai for 3 days 2 nights for free! Not only that, they will get to have $80 worth travel allowance too. It’s […]

Reasons for you to NOT travel

Out of curiosity, and also out of wanting to create another passive income stream, I asked around on what topic should I have for an ebook.. (Yeah, despite my grammers, I still dream to create an ebook.. humans can dream right?) And one of the topics were how to discourage people from traveling… like after all my adventures […]

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