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Holidays in Bangkok and Cambodia

I was not online because I was enjoying the present moment these past few days.. And I’d like to share with you simple blessings that hopefully will inspire you to get out and see the world not just thru google: DEC27: Bangkok – visited Royal Palace – strolled at MBK – ate at a turo-turo […]

5 Activities that will make you go on Retreats

Going to a retreat is actually a way to rejuvenate yourself, renew your spirit, enlighten your soul. It’s a way of going back to heal before you move forward. Some think it’s a religious activity, but you can actually view it as a way to recharge your human batteries. It’s not all prayers, chants and […]

Travel has taught me how to love

** I wrote this on a Valentines day last Feb 14, 2013.. it still applies to this day, with the addition of a few countries and places ;D.. enjoy reading! — let my words flow playfully inside my soul let the melody of a song invite me to compose this poem let the sweet wind […]

10 Kinds of Food to Eat when in Colombia

Colombia is known for its coffee, emeralds, football and even its beautiful women, but this country has way more to offer than just that. How much do you know about its cuisine, for example? Here are some dishes that are worth mentioning, and definitively worth trying, while you are in this beautiful country. 1. Empanadas […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #16

I call him kuya Freddie bear because of his teddy bear size ^_^… although i think his weight decreased a bit because of his stint in Africa as a VSO Volunteer. He is such a life of the party, and everybody loves him because of his jolly big heart. I would never have known interesting […]

Grassroots on the road to a beautiful life

This is a flashback of what life has offered me so far. I guess it is written in my book (and i can’t escape it boo).. others call it a calling.. others call it destiny. I call it my passion.. passion of Christ? Hrmmm I’m not yet at that level, knock on wood! I never […]

Travels in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

I arrived in Yogyakarta.. or Jogjakarta as locals pronounce and spell it, alone. Everyone I met in Indonesia was raving about the place and highly recommends that I check it out. And so I did. And so I found myself raving about it too.. ^_^ Jogjakarta, or Jogja, as locals pronounce it, is a major […]

Frugal Tips Series on the Road #4

Someone asked me how can I save while I travel, or how can I still travel while Im just getting a wee allowance as an international volunteer. Actually, it takes a lot of discipline.. to be able to resist shopping in the mall or resist your favorite resto is one strategy.. The money I saved, […]

Frugal (and Climate Change Adaptation) Tips Series on the road #3

Brandon Macdonald is the tallest yet the youngest VSO Volunteer I’ve met. I’ve actually have a formula for him: Brandon := Grace * 2; So anyway, this Canadian guy is a theater actor in Toronto and is planning on directing his first play. Oh, he is a good singer too! For those who wants to […]

Returned Volunteers Weekend Gathering

Their profiles were impressive. Director of an institution, graduates of masteral degrees from abroad, former nuns, doctors,  nurses, etc. Like me, they all chose the road less traveled, and went to such countries like Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Papua New Guinea, Cambodia, Mongolia, Vietnam, Nepal, Kenya, and Malawi. Im humbled by their stories surviving candlelight dinners […]

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