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Facts and Trivia I learned about Myanmar/Burma

The place where I travel back in time has given me lessons in life that will forever be my jewel of memories..   1. Its a place where because of poverty, money doesn’t matter.. even your wee money if lost will be given to you.. 2. A place despite poverty is filled with generosity… large […]

Burma/Myanmar: The Road Less Traveled

Felt like I was back in the past.   Yet it feels so safe and peaceful despite crazy traffic in Yangon; bug in my rice; long walks to temple stairways in Mandalay; Biking in the dark at 9pm in Bagan; Biking under 40 degree weather also in Bagan; Hell bus ride from Bagan to Kalaw. […]

Move to Paradise – a must read for city dwellers

I have lived in different far flung rural areas in the Palawan, Bohol, Antique, Laguna in the Philippines. Aside from that I also lived 5 months in rural Kolkata in India, and a few weeks in Bhakatapur and Heutuda in Nepal, and a few days in far flung rural Laos. I don’t just travel and […]

How to avoid travel mishaps

This is an update on how to deal with challenging events when you are travelling. I travel solo most of the times and have encountered all the scenarios below.. but it doesn’t mean I won’t travel again despite all those misfortunes.. the world is too beautiful not to see before our mortal time is up […]

Life skills I have learned while traveling

Since at the moment I’m on the stage of planning to get to know other continents than Asia, like to have a very long retreat in Italy, experience sustainable living in Switzerland, hang out with friends and family in England, go on a holiday to Playa de las Americas, I also feel there are people […]

Things that gets easily lost or broken when you travel

Aside from the possibility of getting a broken heart… or a broken mind… when you set yourself on a travel voyage, whether short term or long term, expect that some stuff might get lost or broken. The things I will mention below are items that I bought multiple times over the past few years because […]

Travel has taught me how to love

** I wrote this on a Valentines day last Feb 14, 2013.. it still applies to this day, with the addition of a few countries and places ;D.. enjoy reading! — let my words flow playfully inside my soul let the melody of a song invite me to compose this poem let the sweet wind […]

Travel Frugal Tips Series on the Road #16

I call him kuya Freddie bear because of his teddy bear size ^_^… although i think his weight decreased a bit because of his stint in Africa as a VSO Volunteer. He is such a life of the party, and everybody loves him because of his jolly big heart. I would never have known interesting […]

Grassroots on the road to a beautiful life

This is a flashback of what life has offered me so far. I guess it is written in my book (and i can’t escape it boo).. others call it a calling.. others call it destiny. I call it my passion.. passion of Christ? Hrmmm I’m not yet at that level, knock on wood! I never […]

Travel Blogging Calendar to benefit Mitrata Nepal and VSO Bahaginan

I was a VSO Volunteer in my past life and was sent to India and Thai-Burma border. Many people think to be an international volunteer, you should be rich and/or from a first world country. I’m not rich nor from a first world country but it’s not a hindrance for me to reach out and share […]

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