Food Guide in Metro Manila

Food Guide in Metro Manila

Maybe you’re thinking of where to eat in Makati, BGC, or anywhere in Metro Manila.

But before that, why not think of how to hack your way by dining out at fancy places without making your wallet cry. You can still be posh without scamming someone to treat you.. woop, sorry cynical thought right there.

Despite high cost of living in Metro Manila as compare to other provinces, you can still hack your way around it. Thanks to friends who gave me insider tips.

Besides, a probinsyana should equally enjoy traveling the concrete jungle just like city people enjoying the greeneries. That way, we’re creating an equal world.

I just hope that people in Metro Manila are regulated coz the population is just very many I felt that people are running out of oxygen already.

Anyway, for those who wants to do food trips in Metro Manila, here’s random ways on how to have a happy tummy that is value for your money.

metro manila buffet

1. Eat at food courts in Malls.
This is usually a place in the mall where all eateries are beside each other. You can find different kinds of foods from all over in this area, plus you get to enjoy aircon. Tip is to find a store where there are lots of people who are lined up to order. If a store doesn’t have a patron, the food is probably not that good so don’t bother unless you want to have an adventure at your own risk.

2. Take advantage of unlimited rice.
You can opt to diet the whole day and then eat once in restaurants with unlimited rice. One order can range from around 130pesos or 2.6usd, then you can request for as many additional rice after. But if you’re from the province, why do you need to this when there’s unlimited rice in the rice fields. I recommend to eat something else instead like international cuisines. I see your reaction – ekpensib ba? I’ll break your logic in my next article.

3. Book hotels that provide buffets.

For the posh but still wants value for the money, you can opt to stay at hotels that provides buffet breakfast.. you can start at 10am so you can have breakfast and lunch at the same time.

4. Hack Buffets.
But if you don’t need to stay at hotels, you can still opt to eat at buffets.. for free. Yep. Make sure it’s your birthday, then go with your friends to buffets where there are birthday freebies and you get to eat free… if your friends don’t want to treat you, ditch them.. you don’t need fair weather friends :D

veggie buffet

5. Break stereotypes
For those who wants to break the stereotype social class boundaries, you can still visit posh places without breaking your wallet. Buy that kakanin from aling tindera, then eat it while sipping your expensive coffee. If someone stares at you, stare at them back hypocrites.

6. Look for discounts or deals.
I learned this late because I’m antisocial and so behind in the grapevine. You can look at websites of restaurants or deals website like Metrodeal and usually there is a link there that gives discount information.. I actually want to be like those kinds of websites too. Let’s see what the future holds.

7. Get invited in parties.
Because I’m antisocial, I rarely get invited into parties. If I do, I’m the one paying for the party : ))))… so be lucky to be invited, this means free food too.

pizza and spaghetti

8. Get to eat for free by mystery shopping.
I did this gig when I was tasked to scrutinize different branches of a posh restaurant. Yep, I get to travel to eat and do what I do best, make okray in a professional way.

9. Healthy option – cook your own food.
You can do a day trip in a nearby Palengke to shop for ingredients of your food. I recommend the wet market rather than the grocery store coz it’s cheaper and you get to help the vendors in their livelihood too. Just make sure what you’re buying is fresh. Sometimes cooking is a cheaper and healthier alternative than eating out. I’d do this if I’m in Metro Manila and have a proper kitchen.


10. Hole in the wall options.
This is not for the faint hearted. But I survived my college and yuppie days in Metro Manila eating hole in the wall food.. and I’m still healthy and alive as far as my health checkup is concerned which was just last month. Just make sure the hole in the wall or carinderia has many customers, that means it’s trustworthy.

Here you go. Do you have some tips to share? Please put them in the comment section and let’s give blessings to others. May you find happiness in food theraphy.

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