A guide to buffets in Metro Manila

A guide to buffets in Metro Manila

Whenever I go to Metro Manila, I always look forward to do food trips.

Let’s admit it, despite the abundant food in the province, there’s not enough choices of food dishes to eat. That’s why I urge people from the province to travel too, so their creativity be nudge a bit and invent more dishes than their traditional ones.


vietnamese food

I do this when I go back to our forest in Antique, I try to cook different dishes and hopefully my nieces and nephews gets to continue the hobby of cooking foreign dishes too.

Going back to Metro Manila, food choices are unlimited. Korean, Japanese, Indian, French, American cuisines are within reach.. I just need to be careful because I don’t want to be obese because of all these eating.. excessive fat is not healthy too. Here’s a sample of my food intake at buffets:

metro manila buffet2
Food trip is indeed one of my favorite activities to do whenever I travel.. and it’s best to experiene this eating activity in buffets. Because all types of food are in front of your eyes. Sushi on one table, turkey roast on the other table, then unlimited cakes are literally almost like 5 steps away.. oh and the drinks, you can break away from the usual softdrinks, iced tea or orange from fast foods, and delight your taste buds with chai, melon, chocolate, all seasons, and all other drinks possible.

buffet in chiang mai
Did I made you feel hungry? I’m sorry. I feel sorry more if you’re in the mountains reading this and suddenly you crave for your favorite food.. but then it’s like miles away and ingredients are faaarview.

To make those who are in far flung areas feel better, rest in the thought that at least you won’t be obese when you’re not always on a buffet.. too much fat is not healthy too you know, enjoy your fresh food.

Here’s my mom not being impressed in a japanese buffet restaurant.

mom in buffet
Anyway, there’s a catch when you eat at Buffets.. they’re expensive.. coz it’s Metro Manila dear, everything here is expensive and requires money.

Now I miss those buffets in Thailand where 100 baht can solve your hungry tummy specially if you can eat once but the food intake is for two days.

veggie buffet

However, I found ways to hack this, thank you to friends who are also lifehackers. There’s still ways to eat buffets without breaking the bank. Here’s a few ways:

1. Enjoy buffets in parties. This is good for those who have wide friends in the Metro. However, if you don’t have that many friends, welcome to my world. We suck at this tip LOL

2. If it’s your birthday, you get freebies in expensive buffets, just get another paying person and you’ve got no problem. So far, I’ve tried it out in Vikings, Dads Saisaki, Cabalen, and Yakimix… don’t forget to diet before the event.

3. There are actually buffet that are not very expensive and costs only around 300 pesos or 6-8USD. I don’t like to promote it because once I do, when I go back, it might be toooo fully booked and I won’t be able to enjoy my buffet… but feel free to ask and email me and I’ll virtually whisper the tip to you.

4. No birthdays and no parties in sight? There are conferences where member participants are allowed to get 1 companion for free, if you’re worthy, you’ll be invited.. if you are worthy. ^_^ If you’re just another regular gal like me, the next tip is always applicable.

5. Are you located in the province? You might not enjoy buffet selection of international dishes but there’s always fiesta you know… and the best thing about it? It’s free.

metro manila buffet3
Here you go. Do you have some tips to share? Please put them in the comment section and let’s give blessings to others. May you find happiness in food theraphy.

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