Looking back before moving forward – Highlights of the year 2016

Last year was generally a good one. I was not able to travel internationally but had authentic travels around the country. Sometimes it’s nice to be a nobody coz you get to meet real people.. :D

You know, when you’re a nobody, people will treat you genuinely.. and because of that, I got more cynical ;D… read between the lines.

Makes me not want to be human sometimes but hey.. that also means there’s lots of room for improvement too. I got to experience horrible times, but I also had high moments. Let’s start with the high first so as not to bore you.

Here they are:

I was able to create my own pepper spray, so I won’t ever buy one again ^_^… great achievement in my book of life :P

I was able to find a natural cure for my mom’s allergy. I think this is a major accomplishment because we used to buy expensive creams but now it’s 90% cured, we hopefully won’t need to buy one again^_^

I was able to live in the best island on earth according to posh magazines– Palawan. It’s only for 2 months and maybe it’s not the right time to move there at the moment but we’ll see.

Career wise, here’s how it goes:

As a Philippine country coordinator of a global market research company that caters to luxury clients, I was tasked to do quality audit of high end clients. Since there were nationwide projects that came in, I also worked with auditors in other provinces as well. Playing the role of critic to these ridiculously expensive brands and getting paid to do it is fun….. :D

I still have other gigs so I’m grateful for multiple income streams.

I should concentrate on working smarter instead of working harder, and at the same time help people help themselves too. I don’t want to be celebrating accomplishments by stepping on other people so let’s celebrate together. Some of my projects are at grasya.org, feel free to reach out and collaborate.

Here’s my travel updates:

I still traveled. I was not able to blog about them, because I feel like it’s repetition to talk about it again when the content is located in all other websites.. If there’s something of unique value to be shared, then I’ll write it down. So far, last year, I was able to travel in the following locations:

– Palawan to do a short term government research project
– Toured the Malls in Metro Manila because I’m paid to do it.
– Bacolod with my Aunt to see heritage places
– Antique to learn farming and to entertain foreign friends on the bliss of living in the forest
– Boracay for a short hang out
– Tagaytay for the Focolare reunion
– Iloilo City staycation with my cousin from the UK
– Guimaras to have a mini reunion with second degree cousins
– Tuguegarao to do some short work and meet people for the tribestay project
– Baguio and Sagada to introduce a friend the art of backpacking.
– Quezon Province to visit a hacienda with cousins from Zamboanga

Future goal should be to finally get out of this country so I can see the beauty of the earth. I will need to renew my passport first and hopefully will be able continue long term travel this march or april.

Now, the bad side of the story.

Last time, a horrible story in my life’s book was when a thief was trying to break into my room. I still have the trauma and I still freak out whenever cats are walking in our rooftop at midnight thinking it’s a thief. He was never caught so not sure if he’s still roaming the village.
Now this year, it’s the other way around, police was trying to take pictures of me while I was in a hotel eating breakfast. WHY?

Nope, it’s not a fan move. I confirmed with the front staff that the admin of the hotel asked for the police to observe me. I was actually evaluating the hotel as a mystery guest. I’m sure you know what feedback I gave them – worst staycation ever.

Despite everything, life is still beautiful. Remember, if life gives you many lemons, make lots of lemonade, lemon jam, lemon candy and lemon cake.

The start of the year 2017 is great. Projects doubled, travel plans tripled. Guess this is a sign of a bright future. Thanks for reading. Stay tuned.

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