10 Life and Travel Quotes part 5

10 Life and Travel Quotes part 5

This year was filled with travel planning…. like yeah, i planned for international travels, and that’s what I just did xD.

Please bear with me while I sort my life out.. but you know what, the longer I stayed in my place, invisible roots grew, and surprisingly, I enjoyed being still. I felt contented and it’s a very rare feeling because I don’t feel it often.

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I shouldn’t feel contented feeling contented though… if you know what I mean. The world is vast and beautiful that staying in one place before leaving this earth feels like a waste. Besides I should meet more people, get out there and learn more about beautiful souls. I love the company of some members of the family and a few chosen friends. It never felt good like this because I get to choose who to hang out with. I’m not really sociable, but I treat friends as treasures, intangible richness that cannot be measured with money.


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So I didn’t traveled internationally but I still did traveled around the Philippines reconnecting with people and meeting new ones too. I met with different people in different class of society, we  discussed more on our passions and what makes us truly alive.


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I wish to meet more people once I start that international long term travel again.. mainly to see the beauty in life, to restore my faith in humanity..


and to learn more about the world.. to travel because it’s a global education that you will never be able to experience in a classroom.

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But for now, let me continue to hustle.. Travel funds are 50% up, thank you to clients and advertisers who have faith in me. More clients and more advertisers pretty please.. I’m getting there, hold on.


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